15 Amazing Harry Potter Themed Cakes

Perhaps the TV station GO must have heard of hubby’s Harry Potter themed birthday celebration. Because a few weeks later, this station decided to show the Harry Potter films every Friday evening. On the first Friday evening, I was wearing the Gryffindor gray pullover sweater vest, Gryffindor scarf, and a witch’s hat, and munched on the remaining jelly beans and chocolate frogs while watching the movie. I’m not really a super fanatic of HP, but since I had all the props lying around, I thought I might as well have fun with them! Hahaha.

Speaking of Harry Potter, today I’m sharing with you some of the amazing Harry Potter themed cakes I came across while researching for hubby’s party weeks ago.  I’m linking each photo and caption to their sources. They might come in handy in case you’re planning an HP party of your own, so here they go…

from Cakes Decor

 from Cakes Decor

 from Cake Punk

 from Everything Harry Potter

 from Sweet Discoveries

 from That’s Nerdalicious

 from Cake Central

 from Crust N Cakes

 from Between The Pages Blog

from A Sweet Design (Flickr)

 from Pat A Cake Cakes

 from Tumblr

 from Puntapelotaforo

Harry Potter Themed Party

It’s that time of the year again – yup, hubby’s birthday. You know him – he just lets me do whatever for the celebration, as long as he’s allowed to cook his favourite dishes.

 This year, I was a bit torn. How can you top a Middle Earth themed party? Hold a minions themed party because he seemed to have been enjoying the Despicable Me films recently shown on the telly? Yeah, that’s a funny idea, but he just might kill me. Hahaha.

 We’ve also been enjoying the Harry Potter films lately. Yeah, I know, those films have been out for, like, forever. But just a while ago, one TV station was showing one HP film each week. Of course, we’ve seen them before, but it was nice to view them again and review the forgotten parts. Besides, when you go browsing the net for HP themed parties and see all the details that others have prepared for their parties, how can you not hold one?

 So, Harry Potter theme it was, and after what seemed to be a millennium of research, here’s what we had at hubby’s birthday party:

 This is what greeted the guests at the entrance – Hogwarts houses banners, and HP related stuff on the table, including a few HP books, some wands, photo booth props (neckties in HP house colours), chess pieces, some potion bottles, a chess board, Hogwarts Express signage, and a letter from the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.


On the side wall, we had a huge rectangular mirror that’s normally stays there, so I decided to  pretend it was the Mirror of Erised and labelled it accordingly.


  As you step into the lounge area, you’ll see that I had stuck some ‘wanted’ posters on the wall….

…while on the other side, I had shelves of various potion ingredients.

I placed some battery-operated tea lights behind some of the glass bottles to show off the coloured liquids inside the bottles. Otherwise, it would have been too dark in the lower shelves for people to notice somebody fun in there.

Hubby had recently finished this painting of a rather gloomy looking lake with the universe reflected on its waters. I incorporated it into the theme by telling people it’s the lake at Hogwarts, the one with the scary mermaids, where they held one of the events in the TriWizard tournament in the Goblet of Fire.

Just beside the painting, I also had some fake “wooden” arrow signs bearing names of some of the places in the HP world. The “Ministry of Magic” arrow sign was somewhere else in the house, pointing the direction to the ‘portal’ of the “Ministry of Magic”, in case some of the guests needed to go there for you know what.

Here’s an early shot of the buffet table. Don’t ask me for a later shot of it when hubby started crowding it with all the foods, because I don’t have a presentable one. 😀 Hubby prepared most of the foods, which made him tired but really happy and proud of his accomplishment.  I prepared the sweets, bread and the salads.

 I made him a very simple birthday cake. I didn’t want to make him Hagrid’s cake, simply because Hagrid’s style just isn’t my style. Instead, I just created a little bunting featuring the Hogwarts house colours and added a golden snitch in the middle of the cake. Simple, but super-yum…and I kid you not.

Of course you know that no HP themed party is complete without Bertie Botts’ Every Flavour Beans. They’re just the ordinary jelly beans I found at Coles, but that little striped box I painstakingly cut and assembled just nailed the illusion.

I am ever so glad Australia’s got Freddos – our very own chocolate frogs. Gave me the perfect excuse to take this lazy option, instead of having to search and shop for a frog mold and make chocolate frogs from scratch.

Finally, one of my most favourite HP-related item in the party – the golden snitches! They’re actually just egg yolks and condensed milk, cooked and shaped into balls. Days before the party, I spent one evening preparing all these snitches wings while watching Avengers on the telly.

 I love how they turned out, even though I was a few wings short in the end. Hahaha. But still, admit it, they are pretty and look like they’re ready to fly away. The guests were very amused with this dish, and they weren’t disappointed ‘coz the yellow balls were tasty too.


   Get my Harry Potter themed party supplies here:

 Gryffindor/Harry Potter-Inspired Printable Banner

 Harry Potter Themed Printable Arrow Signs

 Gryffindor/Harry Potter-Inspired Printable Food Labels

 Gryffindor/Harry Potter-Inspired Printable Thank You Note Cards

Relief Society’s Indoor Garden Party

It had been a busy week, with me baking 40 cupcakes for the Relief Society’s anniversary celebration – an indoor garden party. We had the option of holding it outdoors, but on the week of the party, the weather was not so predictable, so it was decided that we turn it into an indoor garden party instead.  After, we had a nice spacious hall to have it in, and just bring in a couple dozens or so of potted plants and we could be as close to the illusion as possible.

My task was not to decorate, but to produce around 40 pretty cupcakes for the party. Since it was going to be held in the middle of the week, I’m glad I was provided with little pink paper cups and matching toppers, so I could get away with a very basic layer of icing on top of the cupcakes and still have them look pretty. Here they were the night before, without the icing yet….

Thankfully, I got myself these food containers which were perfect for transporting the cupcakes. Otherwise, I might have fallen over the stairs or kerb while juggling these cakes!

 What a sight the indoor garden was! It reminded me of scenes from My Fair Lady… I think the set of Mrs. Higgins’ garden, and Eliza Doolittle being there in her beautiful and delicate pink dress.

 There were some outdoorsy lamps and strings of fairy lights, and these were what provided lighting to the venue. They did not turn on the hall’s ceiling lighting on purpose, so it would look more like an evening party in a real garden, than a party in a hall.  And because I forgot to bring my proper camera, these photos were taken using my phone.

 The other ladies also brought some plates of food, so we had sandwiches, scones, biscuits, fruits, lollies, and other sweets. But where, you may ask were my cupcakes?

Ah, here they are!

Happy anniversary, Relief Society organization! 🙂

Pink Cowgirl Themed Party


My little girl (uhm…the one I’m sponsoring…) recently turned 12 (not so little anymore, I know), so we celebrated her special day with a pink cowgirl themed party.

I would have loved a few good looking succulents to decorate with, but summers in Victoria are not that good to even the poor succulents (unless you take them indoors perhaps), so we contented ourselves with a few cutouts of cactus pictures in the background, plus loads of pink gingham and paisley prints, of course!

  Here was our menu for the party:

  •     Homemade beef burgers
  •     Chocolate cupcakes
  •     Cinnamon doughnuts
  •     Roasted chicken
  •     Fruit salad
  •     Wagon wheels biscuits (the Aussie Arnotts’ kind…couldn’t be more perfect for the theme)
  •     Corn chips
  •     Baked potato chips with chicken salt, herbs and garlic flakes
  •     Chilled chocolate milk

The decorations were a combination of rustic and girly, but we made sure there was a good amount of gingham and paisley buntings and pink balloons to make the atmosphere quite festive.  Rustic touches included wooden furniture, a few tin buckets, burlap bags with chocolate gold coins, shredded cream/yellowish paper as hay (a good substitute in case you’ve got guests who are allergic to real hay), wicker baskets to hold items such as cutlery, serviettes, or munchies.

Hubby’s Naruto Themed Birthday Celebration

For Hubby’s birthday, I decided to throw him a Naruto themed birthday dinner at home.
For those of you who haven’t heard of Naruto, he’s a rather famous anime character in Japan (and in many parts of the world, actually) and if you Googled him, you’d find a gazillion details of information about him, from his favorite food (ramen noodles) to an extensive list of his friends, enemies, and, oh well, everyone in the Naruto series.
For the Japanese-influenced dinner, I had to research about Japanese foods and recipes. Thankfully, my sister helped me and she prepared the sushi:

Silly, crazy little me…but I still needed a recipe just to make this plate of Tempura. It was super yum when it was a few minutes fresh from the frying pan.

Cupcakes. Not very Japanese, I know…but a birthday’s got to have some cakes!
I decided to prepare a ‘costume’ for him at the last moment…or rather, just the week before his birthday. There was no Naruto costume at the shopping center, and I couldn’t find an eBay seller that could convince me that I’d receive the costume on time if I purchased online. So, I had to make do with this red-orange-ish jumper I found at BigW.
Then with some snack boxes, duct tape, marker pen and a thick yellow paper/board, I made this ‘headdress’ for him, which became a substitute for the traditional party hat. I made a few more of it, but I ran out of time to make one for everybody, so I had to ditch the idea. Only Hubby got the Naruto ‘party hat’.
And here’s the ramen I made!  It did taste good, even though I think I didn’t have some of the minor ingredients.
And here’s my sister’s masterpiece! She had been researching and looking at bento stuff as soon as I told her the plan. She had a lot of fun preparing it.

Australian version of Naruto’s frog – Freddo chocolates! Why not?

The big Naruto fan was very pleased with his birthday dinner.  Bro-in-law got some Naruto episodes for us all to watch after dinner…which was a good way to relax.