Selecting The Wedding Date

selecting the wedding date

The first essential decision that you have to make when you start planning is the wedding date. You might think it’s simple, but when you are at it, you will discover plenty of concerns that will make the task seem frustrating and challenging.

How do you decide when exactly to have your big event? It really depends as to which factor is your top priority. It could be your family, dream venue, your schooling or job, your budget, and many others. Let us discuss why each can be a vital factor in selecting your wedding date.

Your Family
Perhaps you feel that it is very important to have all the family members who are dear to you to be present at your wedding. Then it means considering their schedules. When will your closest aunt and uncle and cousins, who are living abroad, be able to get a two-week leave from work and school? When can your sister, who is residing in New Zealand and not very financially well off, be able to save enough money for her airfares and take a leave from work to attend the wedding? When do your parents prefer to have your big event? When can your fiance’s father, who is on a job contract for several months in Europe, be able to make it? What dates will be comfortable to all of them and you? It will take a careful planning to coordinate your schedules.

Your Dream Venue
If you have your heart set on having your wedding at a specific place, such as the church where your parents got married and the reception at the hotel where your fiance proposed over dinner, or the park where you and your fiance first met, you will have to choose your wedding date based on the availability of these places. If this is your priority, you will have to check with these venues which dates are available, and you will have an idea, more or less, which dates you can choose as your wedding date. You can then move on to the next factors which will affect your decision on selecting the date.

Your School/Work Schedules
Unless your wedding is going to be a very simple ceremony with only 10 guests in your own house, you will need more than one day off from school and/or work and, of course, some more days or weeks if you choose to have an enjoyable honeymoon after that. Because a wedding requires a lot of preparation, it is best to choose a date which is during a school break, if either of you is still going to school, or on a date when your boss will allow you to take a vacation leave from work, and not on the same week as exams or work deadlines. Real brides even suggest taking a leave at least three days before the wedding, so you can have time to relax and look your best. Check your school break schedule and your work schedule to help you determine which dates are the best.

Meaningful Dates
You may also want to get married on a date that means something special to you, your fiance and/or your family. It could be exactly one year from the day your fiance proposed, on your parents’ anniversary, on either of your birthdays, on the date when you shared your first kiss, or on the birthday of your favorite grandparent who has passed away.

Your Budget
If you are after a budget wedding, then you might want to consider marrying during off-peak months, such as January, March, or December, when the prices of goods and services in the wedding industry are at their lowest. A weekday wedding, rather than one on Saturday evening, would also be most favorable. Also if you and your fiance will be spending for the wedding, without financial help from your families, you will have to consider how soon will your savings be able to afford the kind of wedding you want.

The Weather
This factor can affect your wedding style, theme and location. For example, if you are after a lovely garden or beach wedding, you would like to consider the non-wintry months. Or if you want an autumn wedding, then you can set your date around the fall months.

The Scale of Wedding You Want
Grand weddings will require you around a year to organize it. The more complicated and luxurious you want your wedding to be, the more time you will have to allot for its preparation.

Until you have set a date, most elements of wedding planning would be almost impossible. The information on your invitations, for example, can never be finalized until your wedding date is set. Do some research, consider your priorities and have a clear communication with your fiance and your dearest ones who matter, and select your wedding date wisely.