Choosing The Wedding Reception Venue

There are numberless options as to where you can hold your wedding reception. The venue you choose can affect many other things in your wedding planning.


First of all, the venue can affect your budget. It can also affect your theme, your decorations, your color scheme, the number of guests you can have, your wedding transportation, and so on. Of course, it is up to you whether you decide first on the venue and let everything follow it, or you can choose all the other mentioned elements first, and search high and low for the venue that would suit the rest. It is wise therefore, to carefully consider your priorities before making the big decisions.

In deciding for your wedding reception venue, you might wish to consider the advantages and disadvantages of every option you have.


Many couples choose to hold their wedding ceremony or reception or both in either of their families’ homes. The advantages of having the event at home is, first of all, you don’t have to hire it or pay corkage. It’s totally free! You also have more freedom to do what you want, use whatever decorations you wish, start and end at whatever time of the day. However, this option also has its disadvantages. You’ll have to be prepared for a lot of hard work, from preparing the place, to cleaning up afterward. Your home will most likely not have all the facilities you will need, from eating and serving utensils, to the size of toilets and parking area.


The best thing about having the reception at a hotel is that you can just relax like a princess. The staff are well experienced in handling events, so they can provide you with everything you need for your reception. Often, they have packages that you can choose from, wherein most of your needs are included at a good price. You can also have your wedding as big and luxurious as you want it. The downside however, is the high expenses that you will have to expect. This is usually not the cheapest option for receptions, and almost every additional move you make might have its corresponding price.


Like hotels, event centers are also well experienced in handling weddings. Because this is their business, they have a good directory of suppliers for everything they need to provide for the client’s event. Many also have wedding packages to choose from. The concerns for this venue, however, include the lack of overnight accommodations for you and your guests, the limited freedom when it comes to the number of guests you can have, and also the prices.


The best advantage they probably have is their food, which is, of course, their forte. Also, you may not have to pay a huge rental amount for the venue. Restaurants are also more flexible in catering to what you need for your event. The disadvantages include the limitations on space, such as the size, shape and plan of the floor area, which may usually not really have been planned with weddings in priority.


In this venue, you have all the beautiful natural decor, so this can be a savings on extra artificial decors. You can also have flexibility in how to have your wedding and the rental price, if any, may be minimal, if it is a public place. The problems may include lack of control over nature, such as the weather, wild animals and pests. Also, you will need to hire all the other things yourself, such as caterers and other equipment.


The pros of this location include the large parking, the relaxed and informal atmosphere (if that is what you wish), the size and facilities, and the price, which is usually cheaper than hotels or event centers. The biggest disadvantage would have to be the limited menu.

Though many planning checklists often advice that you decide on your theme and color scheme first, before booking your venues, yet some brides have learned through experiences that, on some cases, it is better to select a venue first and let the rest follow. Why? Because if you have limited venue options and later get trapped in a specific location with design and colors which do not exactly blend with your wedding style and color, you may have to spend many sleepless nights thinking how to connect these two big elements of your wedding day.