Bridal Shower Basics

What is a bridal shower?

A bridal shower is a gift-giving party held for a bride-to-be in anticipation of her wedding. Traditionally, it is designed to give gifts to the future bride. It is not done to provide goods for the soon-to-be couple, but it is held to make sure that the wedding will be pushed through.

Who should throw a bridal shower?

Usually, one of the closest friends of the bride hosts the bridal shower. The mother, sisters, and other relatives do not host the said event as this may seem rude to ask for gifts from others for their family. The family members usually can host any non-gift-giving occasion for the couple like engagement announcement party or bridal tea. If the bride is a member of a social club, the club also can host the bridal shower.

When should a bridal shower take place?

The host can pick a date in collaboration with the bride as to when the bridal shower will be. It is advised that it should not be too early nor too close to the wedding date. A month or two prior to the wedding schedule would be good. This will help you build momentum for your guests in preparation for the upcoming wedding. The excitement of the guests will also die out if the time period between the bridal shower and the marriage date is too long. On the other hand, if you’re going to have it in less than a month before the wedding, you’ll be stressed too much. You will run out of time for the preparation of the bridal shower and your focus for the actual wedding will be distracted.

Where can it be held?

Depending on the situation the shower can be held in a family home, a hotel, a restaurant or even a convention center. This depends on the decision of the family. If the family want a sophisticated event, they can put it in a function room or in a hotel. They need to assist the maid or matron of honor and also finance the function.

Bridal showers should be fun. It will be a success if it’s planned with consideration and common sense.

What activities can be done at a bridal shower?

Bridal shower games are on the top list of the event. These games should be enjoyable for all the guests and for the bride as well. They are necessary to loosen up and mingle with other guests who are present.  The bride’s feelings should always be considered in choosing what games or activities to be played.  However, in planning the bridal shower games, just remember that a bridal shower is not meant to be wild and crazy. You can play bingo, charades or have a trivia about the bride. This will test their knowledge of the bride and give some little laughs as well.

Who should be on the invitation list?

Men are not usually invited in bridal showers. Guests are chosen from among the bride’s personal friends, family and relatives, and other well-wishers. The bride can also invite some female family members or friends of the groom. The ones invited in a bridal shower are expected also to attend the wedding ceremony.