Toilet Paper Wedding Dresses

You may have probably been well acquainted with the ever popular bridal shower game of creating a wedding gown out of toilet paper.

Indeed, it is an inexpensive way to unleashing your creativity in fashion, not to mention a perfect excuse to look silly.

However, there are toilet paper wedding dresses created by some truly talented and hardworking people in some areas of the world which are far from silly looking. In fact, one would be truly amazed at what an ordinary toilet paper can become.

Unlike the usual bridal shower game, some people give a little more extra effort to make beautiful toilet paper dresses. It’s not just a careless, hasty process of wrapping the toilet paper around the model’s body, like a fake Egyptian mummy. There is a combination of various paper crafting, such as papier mache and origami, and of course, a lot more patience and hard work.

Just last year, in Israel, to celebrate the ninth of September, 2009, which was the most requested wedding date, seven designers worked on making beautiful bridal dresses, out of toilet paper. That project was also a part of an advertising campaign for one of the toilet paper companies.

(Photo by David Silverman/Getty Images Europe)

Amazing, aren’t they? If you are quite creative and would love a challenge (and an extra US$1000 in your pocket), then the 6th annual Toilet Paper Wedding Dress contest of Cheap Chic Weddings would be good news for you.

In 2005, Cheap Chic Weddings, a site dedicated to ideas for weddings on a budget, held their first ever toilet paper wedding dress contest. This was probably inspired by the famous bridal shower game, only that they took it to a higher level. Toilet paper, glue and tape were all a contestant can use to create a lovely wedding dress as an entry to the contest. Rebekah Shuman, who created a stunning strapless dress with light blue and cream accents, took the $500 gift card award.

Since then, it has become an annual event. In 2006, it was Stephanie Stutzenberger, who made a sleeveless wide-skirted gown, who took the top prize.

The second place winner of 2006, Hanah Kim, came back in 2007 with a pleated dress with uniquely designed cap sleeves, and this time, won the $500 prize for the first place.

Following Hanah’s footsteps was Katrina Chalifoux, who won second in 2007 and bagged the top prize the next year, which was then increased to $1,000. Out of 564 entries in the 2008 contest, it was Katrina’s sheath dress with raised flower pattern which impressed the judges the most.

2008’s third place winner, Ann Kagawa Lee, accepted the challenge and presented a Gone With The Wind themed dress in the 2009 competition. That wonderful creation, which featured some origami details, earned Ann the top spot and $1000.

Last week, the 2010 toilet paper wedding dress contest began. It is open to anyone in the whole world whose age is 18 or above. These next two months will surely be exciting as contestants work on their entries and as we await June 4, 2010, which is when Cheap Chic Weddings will announce the new winners. Good luck, contestants!