Star Wars Themed Birthday Party

When the party is quite close to the 4th of May, one can easily get tempted to celebrate a la “May the 4th be with you”. So for hubby’s latest birthday celebration, Star Wars theme it was. Because the very first Star Wars film came out exactly 40 years ago this month, all the more reason it was to have that theme.

If you get your inspiration from the very first Star Wars film, you will find that you are dealing with a retro-ish kind of futuristic/space-age theme. Nevertheless, we just decided to have fun inserting a bit of Star Wars themed something here and there.

Upon entering the party venue, the guests were greeted with these sign posts. So, which Star Wars place do you want to go?


This is how the buffet table looked like before the guests arrived. Since it was the last month before winter, we kept the rest of the foods in the kitchen so that they would still be hot when the guests arrive and they’re ready to eat.


One helpful tip – if you have a number of tried and tested recipes that you can incorporate into the theme, use them! That means lesser stress, because you’re more confident of how to make them and how they would turn out, having made them several times before.


Sometimes, you can also just tweak the recipe a bit so that the dish would suit the theme. This Bantha Milk Punch, for example, is a tweaked version of the pink fruit salad cooler (beverage) that I have made before. Normally, red and green gelatin chunks are used, but for this party, I used blue gelatin chunks, to make this fancy beverage look more Bantha-milk-ish and Star Wars-ish. Unfortunately, the blue gelatin chunks, tapioca pearls,  and shredded coconut all sank to the bottom (as they normally do anyway), so you don’t really get to behold this lovely beverage in all its glory.


You don’t even have to come up with all original ideas for your party. Your guests will most certainly forgive you if you pinch a few good ideas from other similarly themed parties shared online, such as the Yoda Soda.


Many cake makers would surely have that special decorating tip that creates icing that looks like grass or hair (very thick strands, that is). I do have that…except that at the last minute, it decided to not work properly. Boo! A little bamboo toothpick to the rescue! Using a clean toothpick, I tried to recreate the hairy Wookiee look on these Wookiee Cupcakes.


Hubby made this milk flan, a.k.a Princess Leia Flan. Normally, I wouldn’t serve it in a baking pan. However, since the industrial look of the pan worked well with the theme, I decided to send it straight to the buffet table.


Thankfully somebody invented the blue food colouring! A few drops of that into the milk panna cotta that I’ve made a number of times and, voila! We got ourselves a nice plate of Bantha Milk Pudding. I just added a bit of chocolate syrup and a couple of Oreos on the top, for contrast.


Organizing a party can be stressful and if you’re not careful, you can end up with so much to do in so little time. I would have loved a detailed R2D2 cake, but that would have been terribly time consuming. Instead, I opted to create a Galaxy Cake – blue butter cake base with buttercream icing and glazing in various shades of dark blues and purples, with silver sprinkles here and there.


A funny behind-the-scenes story on this cake – In the early stages of glazing the cake, I didn’t quite achieve the midnight-ish blue that I wanted. So the first batch of glaze that went on the cake was more of a Cookie Monster kind of a blue. Hubby passed by the kitchen table and after I whined how I can’t seem to get the colour right, I jokingly told him, “How about we change the party theme into ‘Sesame Street’ instead of Star Wars?” He looked horrified! Lol!!! Thankfully, I managed to get the colours right in the end.

May the forks be with you…and the spoons and knives as well.


And because photo props are just so popular in this era of selfies, Facebook, Instagram…and selfies.


Just before the guests started arriving, I started playing the first Star Wars film DVD, showing it on the lounge TV, on low volume, so it’s more like a background feature.

After much of the eating and chatting, we played a few rounds of the “Storm Trooper Snatching Game”, as I’d like to call it. To play, you will need:

 – A box of styrofoam pellets/packing peanuts (imagine that they are stormtroopers)
– A few big, lightweight bowls
– A pair of chopsticks for each bowl
– A timer (your mobile phone clock timer will do)

 Each player gets a bowl and a pair of chopsticks. Set the timer to 30 seconds. When the timer starts, each player uses only his chopsticks to snatch as many ‘stormtroopers’ as he can, from the box and into his own bowl. No scooping is allowed. At the end of 30 seconds, whoever has the most number of ‘stormtroopers’ in his bowl wins the round.

Tip: If you have time to prepare beforehand, paint each chopstick so that they’d look like lightsabers. I know snatching a ‘stormtrooper’ with a couple of ‘lightsabers’ does not look quite logical, but it’s just an added fun Star Wars detail. 😀

A Middle Earth Themed Party For The Hubby

The man in the house turned a year older recently, and of course, he just had to have a creative celebration. Hip! Hip! Hooray!

Last year, I designed a Naruto themed dinner party for him. Somehow, I thought it would be challenging to top that, since he’s a huge fan of Naruto and nothing else. I had asked him how he wanted his birthday celebration to be, but he decided to leave everything to me. What to do? What to do?

Oh well, if you don’t want it your way, then let’s have it my way. (Yay!) Thankfully, I do love a bunch of action/adventure stuff, and because the Lord of The Rings books and films are right at the top of the list (or somewhere there), then that’s what it shall be. (It would have been fun to dress up as Arwen…but with busy weeks/days leading to the celebration, I couldn’t do that).

And so, weeks before, the planning started. There was no question about having a banner similar to Bilbo’s in the first LOTR film – we just have to have that! But because of limited space and cold climate, we couldn’t have a big outdoor evening party with all the dancing, eating and fireworks. Besides, Gandalf was probably too busy playing chess at the park with Charles Xavier.

I suppose it’s time to let the pictures do much of the talking, eh? So, let’s bring them in…

middle earth party decor

This is what greeted the guests at the entry!

middle earth party props

This signage was by the main entry table.

This DIY project was probably my favourite – printable signs that look like wooden arrows! After seeing a few wooden arrows on Etsy bearing names of beloved fictional places, I thought, why not design a printable version for those on smaller budgets or those who aren’t confident enough with their carpentry skills to pull it off? These printable ‘wooden’ arrows are so easy to cut and assemble and perfect as temporary/short-term decors… which is just the case with parties. Even hubby, who’s an amazing artist himself, was quite impressed with these arrow signs ‘coz “they looked much like real wood”, he said.

Moving on, we’ve got the buffet table:

middle earth party

Yeah, I know, I should’ve removed the foil cover, as well as the bread basket cover. ‘Sigh’

I tried to imagine what sort of food containers they would use in the hobbits’ Shire – rustic baskets, wooden boards/bowls/plates, maybe some ceramic containers too. Then, to keep in with the rustic character, neutral and earth colours should be in abundance. I just had to add a leafy/flowery vine at the back, because we’ve seen how lovely the fields and the gardens are at The Shire in the LOTR films.

The menu for the evening composed of:

  • Slices of rustic-looking bread
  • A variety of cheese on a wooden board
  • Bilbo’s Beef Stew (Chilli con Carne, served with sour cream and cheese)
  • Steamed Jasmine rice
  • Rocky Road To Mordor (Homemade rocky road slices)
  • Arwen’s Lemon Slices (Homemade lemon slices, ‘coz they seem to be as lovely and delicate as Arwen)
  • Potato, Egg & Bacon Salad (Sam loved his ‘taters, remember?)
  • Fresh Fruits
  • Honey Garlic Barbecue Chicken
  • Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Icing
  • Rockmelon & Cherries Salad (brought by one of the guests)
rocky road to mordor

Sliced crusty bread (covered in the basket), cheeses on the wooden board, fruits and desserts

bilbos beef stew

Bilbo’s Beef Stew (one bowl has mild chilli, while the other has stronger chilli)

And finally, to keep the guests out of the nearby kitchen, this has to be:

lotr signs

If you are planning to hold a Middle Earth themed party, here are some other awesome ideas you might want to include: