Empanada in the Kitchen

How was your Valentine’s Day?

Did it turn out to be quite special?

Or, was it disappointing like many (including me for many years, several years ago) have experienced?

At home, it turned out to be quite a Jonah Day, as Anne Shirley would describe it. First, the juicier broke, a plug sparked (short circuit?) and we also thought (with very heavy hearts) that the Thermomix also broke. Oh, please, not that $2,000 super-duper-amazing and all-around treasure in the kitchen!

With much relief, we discovered that it was not broken at all. On with making empanada, then! 😀

This is the super yummy filling! Made of carrots, potatoes, beef, peas, and healthy seasonings.

And here’s the little pillow thing. Just fill it up!

Close it…

Seal the edges by pinching little by little, creating a nice design along the way…

And pop them inside the oven till they’re done.

That yummy empanada was my brekky today.

Oh, and the other disaster? Some cheeky youngster played with the settings of the electric hair cutter, which led to my sister messing up her hubby’s haircut big time!

Don’t worry…. she was able to fix it (the haircut) before bedtime.