LDS Primary Songs

Here are some of the printable flip charts of Primary songs we have used over the years. Some PDFs (as indicated) contain only words of the songs, for those who prefer plain and straight forward flip charts. Other PDFs (also indicated) include illustrations/pictures, for those who prefer more visual flip charts.

(in alphabetical order)

All Things Bright And Beautiful (words only)

An Angel Came To Joseph Smith (words only)

Baptism (words only)
Baptism (with visuals)

Beauty Everywhere (words only)

Did Jesus Really Live Again? (words only)

Easter Hosanna (words only)

Follow The Prophet (words only)

“Give”, Said The Little Stream (words only)

He Sent His Son (words only)

I Am A Child Of God (words only)

I Know That My Savior Loves Me (words only)

I Lived In Heaven (words only)

I Love To See The Temple (words only)

I Stand All Amazed (words only)

I Will Follow God’s Plan (words only)

If the Savior Stood Beside Me (words only)
If the Savior Stood Beside Me (with visuals)

Joseph Smith’s First Prayer (words only)

My Heavenly Father Loves Me (words only)
My Heavenly Father Loves Me (with visuals)

Nephi’s Courage (words only)

On A Golden Springtime (words only)

Sing Your Way Home (words only)

The Golden Plates (words only)
The Golden Plates (with visuals)

The Holy Ghost (words only)

The Prophet Said To Plant A Garden (words only)

The Sacrament (words only)

When He Comes Again (words only)

When I Am Baptized (words only)

When Jesus Christ Was Baptized (words only)