Housewarming Basics

What is a housewarming party?

            A housewarming party is a traditional social gathering that someone holds after moving to a different location. In this event, the host family is presenting their new home to their visitors. Their guests will give them gifts to help furnish their new house. These parties are commonly informal.

When should it be held?

            It is usually held within approximately 3 months or 90 days. Some prefer to hold it after 2-3 weeks, while others need extra time so they opt to do it a month or 2 after they move in.

What preparations should be made for a housewarming party?

            First, plan. The initial step you need to do is to create a guest list. You need to consider the space of your new home in making invitations. Also, consider your budget. More visitors mean more expenses. Next, choose a date. Give an ample time to yourself in making all the necessary decorations and food preparation for your housewarming party. Not too soon, but not too late. Third step is to deliver the news. Send out invitations by making a phone call, sending an email or text message, or giving invitation cards to your friends by yourself or by mail. Then, create a menu list. You must consider your budget in choosing your food and drinks to be served. After planning, comes the cleaning. Clean your new house and put decorations if you like to make it more presentable. If you have pets at home, make sure they are secured in a safe place. Then, of course, make yourself presentable.

What activities can be done at a housewarming party?

            Well, this party is simply informal- more on chitchat and talking. However, you can also make a simple program like giving a welcome remark, energizer games, and a toss. You can also include a part wherein you open the gifts of your friends. Of course, food and drinks should be served on the table. Then entertain your guests while they eat by having a special song number or if you’re on a good budget, you can invite a band to perform just inside your backyard, garden, terrace or your house.

Who should be on the invitation list?

            Choosing your guests will always depend on you. You may invite your close friends, family members, relatives and church mates. You may also want to include your new neighbours in the guest’s list. This is a good start in making new friends.