My New Shoes – Feet Shoes!

Every once in a while, you finally find some time to do the project that you’ve been wanting to do for a very long time. And that’s good, because we, crafters & artists, are often swamped with all these craft/art supplies that we’ve hoarded because we want to do something someday. Bwahaha!

So some aeons ago, I bought a pair of plain white canvas shoes. The inexpensive pair – probably between $5 to $10 at Big W. I had wanted to create some sort of art work on them. But, of course, I procrastinated. And procrastinated. Over. And over. Again.

Till one glorious late afternoon when I finally thought, “Let’s do it! Now!”

So I took out the pair, which thankfully, I had managed to keep out of dust and dirt. I took a pencil, sat on the couch, and traced my feet on the shoes while watching a good action film with the hubby.

Then I took some of hubby’s acrylic paints. And painted the shoes. Nice and neat.

This is how they looked in the morning, after I had let the paint dry overnight:


After taking this photo with my phone and being super excited about my little accomplishment, I got some paints again, spread layers of old newspaper on the carpeted floor (so the landlord doesn’t kill us in case of accidents… lol!), and did my toenails… on the shoes, I mean.


At first, hubby said they look quite flat and needed some shading to look more 3D. I skipped shading on purpose because I didn’t want to put too much layers of paints on them and risk cracking the paints when dry. But hubby admitted later that my feet shoes didn’t look so bad after all, because when they’re worn, natural shadows appear here and there, thus making the painting more 3-dimensional. When I was happy with my paint job, I sprayed varnish on them to protect the paint.


I wore them to the Girls Cancer Night Out activity at church some nights later and, yep, everyone laughed at my shoes in amusement!

Fun Ways To Label Your Guest Tables

A good host makes a party well organized and fun. In wedding receptions, labeling your guest tables will give the guests an impression that you are having a well organized celebration and that you cared enough to give your tables a special personal touch. Adding a little twist to how your table labels look like will tell your guests that you want to have fun and encourage them as well to enjoy the event.

Guest table labels do not have to be the typical, plain numbers starting from 1 to 10 or so. Instead of numbers, you can have letters. Or, as many couples have now embraced, you can name your tables based on whatever theme you wish. They do not have to be so plain either. You can design them to be cute or impressive or just to make your guests smile the moment they see it.

From various spots online, here are some of the not so ordinary wedding table labels to inspire you.

(from Oh So Beautiful Paper)

(from MadeForYouJustByMe’s etsy store)

(from KFcollection’s etsy store)

(from Brooklyn Bride)

(from ontheflydesigns’s etsy store)

(from cuddlecreature’s etsy store)

(from ArtfulCelebrations’s etsy store)

(from HollyAndIvyDesigns’s etsy store)

(from PaperEclectiques’s etsy store)