The Sound of Music Themed Party

When Carina turned 1, we just had to celebrate by throwing a small Sound of Music themed party because, who doesn’t love the Sound of Music?

Remember the scene where Fraulein Maria wondered what to do with the fact that the Von Trapp children didn’t have play clothes…until she saw the green damask drapes in her bedroom and recalled that they were going to get new drapes for her bedroom windows. What happened then to the old drapes that were still in good condition? They were magically and overnight turned by Maria into 7 play clothes for the kids!


And what do you think happened to the off cuts of the drapes? Well, I turned them into decors for the Sound of Music themed party, of course!

The Quirky Briars_The Sound of Music party 11

The Quirky Briars_The Sound of Music party 10

The Quirky Briars_The Sound of Music party 03

For the food, I wanted it to have a very Sound of Music feel, so I listed the foods that were mentioned in the film, plus made up some.

Do you remember the “Tea! A drink with jam and bread” line in Do-Re-Mi?

The Quirky Briars_The Sound of Music party 06

Of course, My Favourite Things told us of

The Quirky Briars_The Sound of Music party 05

“Cream-colored ponies and crisp apple strudels,
Doorbells and sleigh bells,
And schnitzel with noodles ,”

The Quirky Briars_The Sound of Music party 04

The Quirky Briars_The Sound of Music party 09

Then there were the other foods we made up.

The Quirky Briars_The Sound of Music party 08

The Quirky Briars_The Sound of Music party 01

The Quirky Briars_The Sound of Music party 02

And we just had to have berries because of that scene…


“Friedrich told you, Father. We were berry picking.” 
“I forgot! You were berry picking.”
“Yes, we love berry picking.”
“All afternoon?”
“We picked thousands.”

The Quirky Briars_The Sound of Music party 07


Get the Sound of Music themed printable party decors via these links:


Here are other ideas to help you plan your Sound of Music themed party:



Gazebos can be lovely party venues. It doesn’t have to have glass walls, so you don’t risk having an accident with the glass (like Liesl/Charmian Carr) and still enjoy singing ‘Sixteen Going on Seventeen’.


picnic venue

A grassy area like this can be a great spot to have a picnic. Don’t forget to bring a guitar!




Make Your Own Sunshine

One of the perks of being able to play the piano is I get to be especially invited to attend some events at church so I could play music for those events. Recently, it was an activity of the Young Women’s organization. They themed the event “Make Your Own Sunshine”.

I must admit, I was quite impressed with the setup the moment I walked into the door. They really put a lot of effort with the decorations! Here are some snapshots I took with my phone. If I had known that the activity was going to be that Pinterest-worthy, I would have made an effort to bring my decent camera.


Thanks for inviting me, YW’s! I had fun and enjoyed playing music for you too. 🙂

Baby Shower Themes For Boys

It’s a boy! Yipee! We need to celebrate the first boy’s upcoming appearance to the world. Planning is not so difficult if you have already selected a theme for the baby shower you’re hosting. You must pick a theme that will radiate happiness and excitement to the expectant mother, as well as the guests.

Here are some ideas for you to ponder:

Moustache from

This is the most used or shall I say well known baby shower theme for boys. Moustache signifies masculinity and at the same time, blue is a popular colour for a boy. No wonder why may people prefer to use this theme.

Noah’s Ark from

If the mum-to-be is the religious type, then having a biblical story theme would be well appreciated. Noah’s Ark Theme gives a wholesome spiritual atmosphere. It’s one best way to welcome your new youngster.

Teddy Bear Baby Shower from

A teddy bear is one of the most popular comfort toy for little kids. Being a soft toy, it’s also quite safe even for babies to have. Holding a teddy bear themed baby shower therefore gives a child-friendly and sweet impression to everyone.

Nautical Baby Shower from

If you can encounter wearing a US Navy uniform or probably a nautical suit, you will possibly think he’s so cool, right? So as having a Nautical Baby Shower! Since your future seaman is about to come out, this party theme is just perfect for him.

Turtles Baby Shower from

Look at this very adorable turtles! They are friendly-looking, charming and really cute (just like a baby)! This theme is safe for both gender but it’s more popular for boys. With the green and brown combination, then it fits well for your little prince.

Blue Safari Baby Shower from

One of the most loved themes for a boy baby shower is the Blue Safari. Safari theme, in general, is really popular both for adults and babies. In addition to that, blue is really an expected color for a boy. It looks tidy.

Lion King Baby Shower from

If you want to have an extraordinary baby shower, then choose a different color aside from blue. You may want to use this Lion King theme. It’s more of a green which is the color of nature. It will be a warm and a happy baby shower party.

Choosing The Wedding Reception Venue

There are numberless options as to where you can hold your wedding reception. The venue you choose can affect many other things in your wedding planning.


First of all, the venue can affect your budget. It can also affect your theme, your decorations, your color scheme, the number of guests you can have, your wedding transportation, and so on. Of course, it is up to you whether you decide first on the venue and let everything follow it, or you can choose all the other mentioned elements first, and search high and low for the venue that would suit the rest. It is wise therefore, to carefully consider your priorities before making the big decisions.

In deciding for your wedding reception venue, you might wish to consider the advantages and disadvantages of every option you have.


Many couples choose to hold their wedding ceremony or reception or both in either of their families’ homes. The advantages of having the event at home is, first of all, you don’t have to hire it or pay corkage. It’s totally free! You also have more freedom to do what you want, use whatever decorations you wish, start and end at whatever time of the day. However, this option also has its disadvantages. You’ll have to be prepared for a lot of hard work, from preparing the place, to cleaning up afterward. Your home will most likely not have all the facilities you will need, from eating and serving utensils, to the size of toilets and parking area.


The best thing about having the reception at a hotel is that you can just relax like a princess. The staff are well experienced in handling events, so they can provide you with everything you need for your reception. Often, they have packages that you can choose from, wherein most of your needs are included at a good price. You can also have your wedding as big and luxurious as you want it. The downside however, is the high expenses that you will have to expect. This is usually not the cheapest option for receptions, and almost every additional move you make might have its corresponding price.


Like hotels, event centers are also well experienced in handling weddings. Because this is their business, they have a good directory of suppliers for everything they need to provide for the client’s event. Many also have wedding packages to choose from. The concerns for this venue, however, include the lack of overnight accommodations for you and your guests, the limited freedom when it comes to the number of guests you can have, and also the prices.


The best advantage they probably have is their food, which is, of course, their forte. Also, you may not have to pay a huge rental amount for the venue. Restaurants are also more flexible in catering to what you need for your event. The disadvantages include the limitations on space, such as the size, shape and plan of the floor area, which may usually not really have been planned with weddings in priority.


In this venue, you have all the beautiful natural decor, so this can be a savings on extra artificial decors. You can also have flexibility in how to have your wedding and the rental price, if any, may be minimal, if it is a public place. The problems may include lack of control over nature, such as the weather, wild animals and pests. Also, you will need to hire all the other things yourself, such as caterers and other equipment.


The pros of this location include the large parking, the relaxed and informal atmosphere (if that is what you wish), the size and facilities, and the price, which is usually cheaper than hotels or event centers. The biggest disadvantage would have to be the limited menu.

Though many planning checklists often advice that you decide on your theme and color scheme first, before booking your venues, yet some brides have learned through experiences that, on some cases, it is better to select a venue first and let the rest follow. Why? Because if you have limited venue options and later get trapped in a specific location with design and colors which do not exactly blend with your wedding style and color, you may have to spend many sleepless nights thinking how to connect these two big elements of your wedding day.

Bridal Shower Basics

What is a bridal shower?

A bridal shower is a gift-giving party held for a bride-to-be in anticipation of her wedding. Traditionally, it is designed to give gifts to the future bride. It is not done to provide goods for the soon-to-be couple, but it is held to make sure that the wedding will be pushed through.

Who should throw a bridal shower?

Usually, one of the closest friends of the bride hosts the bridal shower. The mother, sisters, and other relatives do not host the said event as this may seem rude to ask for gifts from others for their family. The family members usually can host any non-gift-giving occasion for the couple like engagement announcement party or bridal tea. If the bride is a member of a social club, the club also can host the bridal shower.

When should a bridal shower take place?

The host can pick a date in collaboration with the bride as to when the bridal shower will be. It is advised that it should not be too early nor too close to the wedding date. A month or two prior to the wedding schedule would be good. This will help you build momentum for your guests in preparation for the upcoming wedding. The excitement of the guests will also die out if the time period between the bridal shower and the marriage date is too long. On the other hand, if you’re going to have it in less than a month before the wedding, you’ll be stressed too much. You will run out of time for the preparation of the bridal shower and your focus for the actual wedding will be distracted.

Where can it be held?

Depending on the situation the shower can be held in a family home, a hotel, a restaurant or even a convention center. This depends on the decision of the family. If the family want a sophisticated event, they can put it in a function room or in a hotel. They need to assist the maid or matron of honor and also finance the function.

Bridal showers should be fun. It will be a success if it’s planned with consideration and common sense.

What activities can be done at a bridal shower?

Bridal shower games are on the top list of the event. These games should be enjoyable for all the guests and for the bride as well. They are necessary to loosen up and mingle with other guests who are present.  The bride’s feelings should always be considered in choosing what games or activities to be played.  However, in planning the bridal shower games, just remember that a bridal shower is not meant to be wild and crazy. You can play bingo, charades or have a trivia about the bride. This will test their knowledge of the bride and give some little laughs as well.

Who should be on the invitation list?

Men are not usually invited in bridal showers. Guests are chosen from among the bride’s personal friends, family and relatives, and other well-wishers. The bride can also invite some female family members or friends of the groom. The ones invited in a bridal shower are expected also to attend the wedding ceremony.

Dividing The Wedding Expenses

This aspect of wedding planning is something that comes up very early in the planning process. In the olden times, the bride and her family spend for everything in the wedding, except the rings and honeymoon, which are shouldered by the groom.

In modern times, however, the more popular and convenient way is to divide the wedding expenses between the bride and groom and/or both families. Below is a traditional list of who pays for what, but it can be modified and the final decision depends on who is most willing and able to pay. Though the attendants usually spend for their attire, the bride may also assume the expenses for her attendants and the groom for his.

BRIDE and/or her FAMILY

Save-the-dates, invitations, announcements, thank yous, personal notes, napkins, and mailing expense.
Rehearsal dinner.
Bridal brunch/luncheon.
Bride’s wedding attire/trousseau.
Bridesmaids’ bouquets.
Church fees, including fees for musicians.
Ceremony rentals. (arches, candelabras, chairs, etc.)
Ceremony/Reception flowers.
Groom’s wedding ring.
Groom’s gift.
Gifts for the bridal attendants
Rental of reception hall.
Caterer, food, beverages and wedding cake.
Gratuities for bartenders, waiters
Wedding programs.
Guest book.
Photography and videography.
Transportation for the bridal party.
Wedding planner’s fee.
Accommodations for out-of-town bride’s attendants.
Physical examination and blood test

GROOM and/or his FAMILY

Marriage license.
His blood test.
Clergyman/Officiant Fee
Bachelor dinner.
Groom’s wedding attire.
Flowers for the bride’s bouquet, corsages for the mothers.
Groom’s boutonniere.
Groomsmen & Usher’s boutonnieres.
Gloves/Ties/Ascots for attendants.
Bride’s rings.
Gift for the bride.
Gifts for the groom’s attendants.
Accommodations for out-of-town groom’s attendants.
The honeymoon.


Bachelorette party. (Maid Honor & Bridesmaids)
Bachelor party. (Best Man & Groomsmen)
Wedding gift for the couple.
Their wedding clothes.
Car decorations. (Best Man)
Travel expenses.

Wedding Planning Checklist

ONE of the first and most important things to do in wedding planning, or any event planning at all, is making the checklist. This is absolutely essential if you want to have things well organized and not forget important details of your big event. It helps you be aware of what needs to be done first, last, and in the right time, and saves you from panic and stress. Imagine how it would feel to have sent out all the invitations to the guests, only to realize that you have forgotten to book the venue early enough and found out that the venue is no longer available.

Well, so much for stressing your imagination. Let’s begin your wedding checklist.

As soon as you get engaged…
~ Announce your engagement to your family and friends.
~ Have your engagement announced on the newspaper, related magazines or the web.
~ Make a wedding website.
~ Get an organizer to keep track of appointments.

Nine to Twelve Months before the wedding…
~ Choose a wedding date and time.
~ Select & book venue for the wedding and reception.
~ Select & book officiant.
~ Start making a guest list.
~ Talk with your fiance (and both your parents) about the wedding budget.
~ Make a record keeping system for payments.
~ Select a wedding theme.
~ Determine the wedding style and its degree of formality.
~ Start a wedding scrapbook.
~ Start looking for a caterer, if not provided by the reception facility.
~ Start looking for a florist, photographer, and videographer.
~ Select musicians/DJ/band and other reception entertainment.
~ Hire a wedding planner.
~ Decide about your bridal party.
~ Start planning your bridal attire and researching for attendants’ attires.
~ Create a bridal registry.
~ Start preparing necessary documents (birth certificates, passport, visa, etc.) for marriage license application and honeymoon, if going overseas.
~ Register for wedding gifts.

Six to Nine Months before the wedding…
~ Review guest list
~ Select wedding attendants.
~ Inform attendants of their responsibilities.
~ Order wedding gown & accessories, groom’s attire, and attendants’ attires.
~ Order the wedding cake.
~ Decide on honeymoon arrangements.
~ Decide on wedding transportation.
~ Start a health/weight loss program.

Four to Six Months before the wedding…
~ Finalize guest list.
~ Start looking for wedding bands.
~ Order invitations and stationery.
~ Order wedding favors and gifts.
~ Send out Save-the-Date cards.
~ Decide where to reside after the wedding.
~ Design the layout of wedding program.
~ Plan itinerary for out-of-town guests.

Two to Four Months before the wedding…
~ Buy wedding bands.
~ Meet with caterer to discuss menu and other details.
~ Meet with officiant to discuss date and time of wedding rehearsal.
~ Shop for wedding guest book.
~ Finalize arrangements with florist, photographer, videographer and musicians.
~ Plan the rehearsal dinner and bridesmaids’ luncheon.
~ Apply for a marriage license.
~ Start planning for the program for the ceremony.
~ Confirm wedding cake details.
~ Look for hairstylist and make-up artist.
~ Take dance lessons.

Six to Eight Weeks before the wedding…
~ Address wedding invitations.
~ Plan the seating arrangement for the reception.
~ Make the reception program.
~ Decide on final wording of your wedding vows.
~ Select the music for the ceremony and reception, including the traditional dances.
~ Provide the band/DJ/musicians copy of the music selection.
~ Schedule final fitting for the wedding gown and attendants’ attires.
~ Follow-up on the wedding bands.
~ Purchase all other wedding accessories, such as candles, goblets, garter, etc.
~ Buy a gift for the groom/bride.
~ Send out wedding invitations.

Four Weeks before the wedding…
~ Prepare an itinerary for the wedding day and provide the wedding party with copies.
~ Prepare papers necessary for your changing of name.
~ Have your formal wedding portrait taken.

Two Weeks before the wedding…
~ Confirm your guests’ accommodations.
~ Check all wedding clothing and accessories.

One Week before the wedding…
~ Pack for your honeymoon.
~ Pack an emergency kit with important things for any emergencies during the wedding and reception.
~ Make sure that your bridal attire is ready, clean, well-fit and pressed.
~ Finalize seat arrangement.
~ Discuss the seat arrangement with the ushers.
~ Discuss final details with the photographer and videographer.
~ Give the final headcount to the caterer.
~ Finalize rehearsal dinner and bridesmaids’ luncheon.

One Day before…
~ Get a manicure, pedicure and massage.
~ Set aside everything you need for the wedding & reception.
~ Attend rehearsal dinner.
~ Give gifts to each other, and to attendants.
~ Sleep early.

On Your Wedding Day…
~ Eat breakfast.
~ Reserve plenty of time for dressing up so you don’t have to rush.
~ Always be ready to smile.
~ Don’t forget to say “I love you” to the person you are marrying.
~ Enjoy!

So, there goes your wedding checklist. Feel free to add or alter some as you feel necessary. Just don’t forget to review your wedding checklist every month in the early part, and every week, in the later part, so you’ll be reminded of every essential thing you need to be done to make your wedding day memorable and stress-free.