36 Harry Potter Inspired Food Ideas

One of our favourite wizards will be celebrating his birthday this end of the month! Hmmmm…who is it?

Is it Gandalf? Well, we do love him, but he’s not the one having this birthday soon.

Is it Merlin? We do agree he is one of the greatest wizards in literature, but no, not him.

Why, it’s that cool bloke with a funny scar on his forehead, of course – dear ol’ Harry Potter! Yay!

harry potter figurine

Many Potterheads out there will probably be celebrating in one way or another, but what’s a celebration without food, right?

So, we have composed a list of delicious Harry Potter inspired foods that you might consider having at your celebration of Harry’s birthday. Clicking on the links will take you to the recipes or more detailed information about the dish. Have fun!

Golden Snitches

Golden Snitches from The Quirky Briars

Butterbeer Cookies
Butterbeer Cookies
(Image credit: Confessions of a Cookbook Queen)

Butterbeer Cookies from Confessions of a Cookbook Queen

Harry's Birthday Cake
Harry’s Birthday Cake
(Image credit: Diamonds For Dessert)

Harry’s Birthday Cake from Diamonds For Dessert

Butterbeer Cupcakes
Harry Potter Butterbeer Cupcakes
(Image credit: Sugar and Soul)

Harry Potter Butterbeer Cupcakes from Sugar and Soul

Butterbeer Cupcakes
(Image credit: Pastry Affair)

Butterbeer Cupcakes from Pastry Affair

Butterbeer Hot Chocolate
Butterbeer Hot Chocolate
(Image credit: Bakingdom)

Butterbeer Hot Chocolate from Bakingdom

Canary Creams
(Image credit: Woman And Home)

Canary Creams from Woman And Home

Butterbeer Ice Cream Floats
Butterbeer Ice Cream Floats with Coconut Caramel Ice Cream
(Image credit: Gringallicious )

Butterbeer Ice Cream Floats with Coconut Caramel Ice Cream from Gringalicious

Fizzing Whizbees
(Image credit: In Literature)

Fizzing Whizbees from In Literature

Butterbeer Pancakes
Harry Potter Butterbeer Pancakes
(Image credit: Sugar and Soul)

Harry Potter Butterbeer Pancakes from Sugar and Soul

fever fudge
Weasley’s Fever Fudge
(Image credit: Instructables)

Weasley’s Fever Fudge from Instructables

Candy Coated Roach Control
Candy-Coated Roach Control
(Image credit: Heather Bailey)

Candy-Coated Roach Control from Heather Bailey

Cornish Pasties
(Image credit: In Literature)

Cornish Pasties from In Literature

Cauldron Cupcakes
Double Double Chocolate Cauldron Cakes
(Image credit: Bakingdom)

Double Double Chocolate Cauldron Cake from Bakingdom

Polyjuice Potion
(Image credit: Pepper)

Polyjuice Potion from Pepper

Licorice Wands
Licorice Wands
(Image credit: Pastry Affair)

Licorice Wands from Pastry Affair

Liquid Luck / Felix Felicis
(Image credit: In Literature)

Liquid Luck / Felix Felicis from In Literature

Polyjuice Potion
Harry Potter Polyjuice Potion
(Image credit: I Knead to Eat)

Harry Potter Polyjuice Potion

Witches Brew
(Image credit: Taste of Home)

Witches Brew from Taste of Home

Bat’s Blood Soup
(Image credit: In Literature)

Bat’s Blood Soup from In Literature

Pumpkin Juice Smoothie
Madam Pomfrey’s Pumpkin Juice Smoothie
(Image credit: Gringalicious)

Madam Pomfrey’s Pumpkin Juice Smoothie from Gringalicious

Sugar Quills
(Image credit: A Tale of 2 Foodies)

Sugar Quills from A Tale of 2 Foodies

Treacle Tart
Treacle Tart With Brown Butter, Rosemary And Lemon
(Image credit: The Sugar Hit)

Treacle Tart with Brown Butter, Rosemary, and Lemon from The Sugar Hit

Hogwarts Cake
(Image credit: Bakingdom)

Hogwarts Cake from Bakingdom

Steak and Kidney Pie
(Image credit: In Literature)

Steak and Kidney Pie from In Literature

Golden Snitch Pops from With Sprinkles on Top
Golden Snitch Pops
(Image credit: With Sprinkles on Top)

Golden Snitch Pops from With Sprinkles on Top

Pumpkin Juice
(Image credit: Favorite Family Recipes)

Pumpkin Juice from Favorite Family Recipes

Hagrid's Rock Cakes from Pretty Geekery
Hagrid’s Rock Cakes
(Image credit: Pretty Geekery)

Hagrid’s Rock Cakes from Pretty Geekery

Cheesy Witches Broomsticks
(Image credit: Cakes Cottage)

Cheesy Witches Broomsticks from Cakes Cottage

Harry Potter's Butterbeer Ice Cream
Harry Potter’s Butterbeer Ice Cream
(Image credit: The Tiptoe Fairy)

Harry Potter’s Butterbeer Ice Cream from The Tiptoe Fairy

Sorting House Cookies
(Image credit: Housewife Eclectic)

Sorting Hat Cookies from Housewife Eclectic

Molly Weasley's Rock Cakes from Bakingdom
Molly Weasley’s Rock Cakes
(Image credit: Bakingdom)

Molly Weasley’s Rock Cakes from Bakingdom

Pumpkin Howlers
(Image credit: Food and Wine)

Harry Potter Pumpkin Howlers from Food and Wine

Pumpkin Pasties from Bijoux & Bits
Pumpkin Pasties
(Image credit: Bijoux & Bits)

Pumpkin Pasties from Bijoux & Bits

Sherbet Lemon
(Image credit: In Literature)

Dumbledore’s Sherbet Lemon from In Literature


Weasley Sweater Cookies from Bakingdom
Weasley Sweater Cookies
(Image credit: Bakingdom)

Weasley Sweater Cookies from Bakingdom

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