Sharing Time – July 2018 (Week 3)

The Primary Sharing Time topic for the 3rd week of July 2018 is “The priesthood can bless and strengthen my family”

Here are a few free printables to help you out with this lesson. All you got to do is print and cut them.  Here is the PDF containing all the printables and I hope you enjoy them.

Download PDF of July 2018 Week 3 lesson printables (8.5″ x 11″)

Here is how they might look like on the board:Week 03-04

I just included here those strips of papers needed for the suggested questions for the class, so you’d see how they look like, as well as some sample answers the kids might give.

The image below shows the pages the kids can use if you would like to include a picture coloring activity, as well as use these pictures as visual aids. It is included in the printable as just one page, but you can print as many copies as you need for your class. This week’s theme is included at the bottom part of the page, so if kids choose to take their colored pictures home, they have something to remind them what this week’s Sharing Time was about.

Week 03-09

You can also use the Sharing Time Talks for July 2018 as back-up talks to read for Primary kids who forgot to or didn’t prepare their talks.

Printable flip charts for some of the songs you might want to choose for July:

Families Can Be Together Forever (words only)
Families Can Be Together Forever (with visuals)
A Happy Family (words only)
Teach Me To Walk In The Light (words only)
Teach Me To Walk In The Light (with visuals)

More printable flip charts for selected Primary songs and church hymns are available HERE.

ad img2

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