8 Stylish Jewelry Storage Solutions

Do you keep losing your earrings? Or do you struggle with untangling your necklaces?

Here are some of the coolest items you can use to neatly organize and store your jewelry. No more scattering of random jewelry pieces on your dresser top or bed side table.

  1. Deer Necklace Rack by Wall Charmers


This faux taxidermy deer head, very fortunately, is made of lightweight resin and finished in matte white color, so you can have the dramatic piece on which to hang your jewelry, without harming any animal in the process. Also available in a number of other colors, such as gold, blue, pink, purple, black, etc.

2. Geo Design Timber Earring Organizer by Bon Maxie


Forgotten what earrings you have? Or lost half a pair? Sick of storing your studs and dangles separately? Get enough storage for a lifetime of earrings with a unique solution. Choose your favorite colors or match the room decor with this colorful Geo design by Bon Maxie, in 100% premium plantation-grown Australian pine.

3. Pink Flamingo Jewelry Plate by SienaXCo


Love flamingo? Display them! This multi-function flamingo bowl/plate is great for jewelry storage, fruit and snack mix, or as your yogurt bowl! It is made of ceramic and finished with polished paint.

4. “Constructivism” Jewelry Organizer by Monstersalat


The jewelry organizer “Constructivism” will be an outstanding display for your jewelry and a beautiful wall decor at the same time. It can be mounted to a wall or cabinet door. It’s made of laser cut beech plywood and can hold approximately 25 pairs of earrings and 4 necklaces, depending on jewelry size.

5. Wooden Bowl Jewelry Storage by ElleOneNine


Collect them in various colors! Cheer up your dresser top with these hand painted natural wooden bowl in lovely, bright colors.

6. Handmade White Ceramic Ring Cones by Cats Ceramics


These ring cones are a fabulous modern way to display your favorite rings. Made by handmade with a irregular ‘handmade shape’, they are tactile and pretty and pretty useful too!

7. Rustic Jewelry Organizer With Shelf by Ebony Red Creations


Never have to sit and untangle your necklaces, or search for that missing earring again! This handmade original design jewelry organizer can neatly and beautifully display all of your necklaces, bangles, earrings and more.

8. Mermaid Tail Necklace Holder And Jewelry Dish by Not A Jewellery Box Ltd


Storing your jewelry on display like this means that you get to enjoy your favorite pieces even when you’re not wearing them, and they also stay free from tangles. And you can even pretend that you’re secretly a mermaid!


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