Activity Day – All About Love

On our Activity Day that was held just before Valentine’s Day, I decided to make the activity a bit Valentine themed, of course. I got the idea from this blog article, which also touches about the 5 languages of love.

What I did was I printed the Love Languages Mystery Game and got the girls to take that test. The younger ones got a bit of help from our other Activity Days leader. However, as our time was limited, we weren’t able to completely discuss what the results meant, which worked out fine anyway, because I thought some of the girls were getting bored with the ‘lecture’.

So, we moved on to our craft activity, which idea I got from this blog article. We improvised a bit though, because I didn’t have time to hunt for buckets for each child. We used brown paper bags instead, which was still perfect as a blank canvas for the girls to decorate.

We filled our paper bags with these items:


A quote from Pres. Monson, also from the same blog post.


A handmade Valentine’s card, which the girls really enjoyed making.


A bar in with a free printable wrapper from this site.


There they are inside the paper bag!


Alas, that’s all the decoration I was able to make with all the running around I had to do.


We were busy!


A bit messy, but busy.


One of the older girls putting a ribbon on her paper bag, like mine.

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