That Car Boot Sale

Whew! Finally it’s done and dusted!

I’m referring to the car boot sale that I organised.


You see, we have this local community group that I’m a part of, and we were trying to raise some funds for a huge community event this April, as well as some service projects we hope to do overseas. Early January, our president thought of having a car boot sale to raise funds, and sort-of informally asked me to help organise it.

Now, I have never organised a market before. I have shopped at markets and joined as a stallholder, but never as one of the organisers. The closest thing I have ever organised were garage sales.

Back when I held it in my childhood home, it was always a huge success, because that’s how much loved you get when your parents have been awesome neighbours to the rest of the ‘hood for around 20 years. My mum would just tell a few people and the word spreads like a wildfire. I put one small A4 sized sign outside the gate on the day and crowds come in all through the day.

But a car boot sale is different. Organising it is different. You advertise nonstop so people book sites. You advertise again so prospective customers are informed. Your work spreads from a few weeks before to about a couple of hours after the event.  Thankfully, we had a number of kind-hearted people who helped us and though it could have been a lot better, the first car boot sale that I have ever organised turned out to be not so bad after all.




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