Know Your Ingredient – Chives


General Description
These herbs are the smallest members of the onion family. They have flavor similar to onion and a distinctive smell and taste. They are commonly used in plural form (chives) because they grow as clumps and not individually.

Nutrients and Health Benefits
Chives contain low calories and are rich in fiber, anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals. They comprise more vitamin A than any other allium family member veges. Folates can also be found in fresh chives. In addition to that, its leaves have B-complex vitamins and other essential minerals like copper, iron, zinc, manganese and calcium.

Medical Use
Chives can be used to treat flatulence, stomach upset, clogged nose, and also helps prevent bad breath. These herbs also lower down cholesterol level in our body and since they’re high in Vitamin C, they boost our immune system preventing influenza. They also lower the blood pressure if combined with a low salt diet.

Culinary Use
Fresh chopped chives (leaves) are added to mint, parsley, shallot, and cucumber and tomato salad to have a great taste. In China and Japan, garlic chives are used to add flavor to dumplings, stews and soups. While in Europe, they are used as a garnish especially in baked or mashed potatoes.

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