Ward Conference Cakes

We had a successful ward conference last Sunday, with so much people in attendance!  Because we were expecting a lot of visitors from the stake, we thought we’d bring a lot more food than usual for the ward luncheon after the meetings. Hubby prepared his meat dishes, plus rice.  I made a couple of cakes for dessert, which I thought I’d share with you today.

ward con carrot cake

Above is a couple of layers of carrot cake, with cream cheese icing, orange gelatin, and fresh fruits on top.  When it came to slicing this cake, having it in 2 layers didn’t seem to be a good idea. It was a heavy cake, so the slices kept on wobbling and falling over. Of course, I used my carrot cake recipe, which can be found HERE.  Hubby was wondering why my carrot cakes are much more delicious compared to the store-bought one we had sometime ago (which was too sweet and dry). I told him, the secret to having a delicious moist carrot cake is not to over cook it. When it’s cooked, take it out of the oven right away!

ward con strawberry cake

This one is a strawberry cake, with buttercream icing, an ugly purple drip icing, and all the lollies and bickies in the house. I was not very happy with the shade of the purplish drip. I should’ve had it in a different colour. Thankfully, the layering inside looked perfect when it was sliced – such a beautiful shade of pink! Too bad I was busy slicing it for those who were excited to taste it, so I wasn’t able to take a photo of the sliced cake.  I’ll have to blog the recipe next time, so you guys can try it too.

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