Know Your Ingredient – Chamomile

Chamomile (also spelled as camomile) is a plant from the Asteraceae family. It resembles the daisy plant. The two most commonly used species are the Matricaria chamomilia and the Chamaemelum nobile.

Nutrients and Health Benefits
Chamomile is composed of apigenin which is known to have chemopreventive effects against cancer cells. It also contains alpha-bisabolol that is used to treat infection and inflammation.

Medical Use
This herb has a lot of use in the medical field. It has anti-inflammatory, anseptic, antihyperglycemic and antigenotoxic properties. It is also used for the treatment of insomnia, ulcers, menstrual disorders, muscle spasm, haemorrhoids, and gastrointestinal disorders.

Culinary Use
Chamomile is commonly used in making tea. The Chamemelum nobile’s leaves are chopped and can be mixed with butter and sour cream, and served with baked potatoes. Its flowers can be also used in salads or as a garnish.

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