Eurovision Song Contest 2015 Contender – Australia’s Guy Sebastian

Charcoal/pastel portrait of Guy Sebastian, by Brian Rabacal

The Eurovision Song Contest 2015 is here! And, of course, just like every other nation in the contest, Australia sends one of its best singers – Guy Sebastian.

He’s well known in Australia, but probably, not in many other parts of the world. That’s not such a problem, because today, I’m gonna tell you bits about Australia’s contender at the Eurovision 2015.

The Australian singer-songwriter, Guy Theodore Sebastian, was born on October 26, 1981 in Malaysia. He’s the second of the four sons of Ivan and Nellie.

On May 17, 2008, he married his eight-year Jules Egan. They have two sons, three-year old Hudson James, and 1 year-old Archer Jones. He knows how to play violin, guitar, piano and drums. He is one of the main worship singers in their church, “Paradise Community Church”.

Guy Sebastian became famous when he joined and won as the first Australian Idol in 2003. He also became a judge on Australia’s “The X Factor”. He studied Medical Radiation and Radiotherapy at the University of South Australia but left to pursue his singing career.

His first album is Just as I Am with the winning single “Angels Brought Me Here” that was released in December 2003. Beautiful Life, his second album, has the lead single “Out with My Baby” which was known as the number one hit in October 2004.

In 2006, the song “Taller, Stronger, Better” which was debuted at number three, was the carrying single of his third album, Closer to the Sun. His fourth album, The Memphis Album debuted at number three in November 2007, and was the seventh highest selling Australian artist album of the year.

Next album, Like It Like That was released on 2009. It included all original soul songs that were co-written or written by Sebastian, himself. In 2010, another album was released with the name Twenty Ten. It’s a retrospective album and gained a title being the 5th highest selling Australian artist album of the year.

In 2012, Armageddon was released as the seventh album with his original pop song composition lead single “Don’t Worry Be Happy”. After a year, Sebastian released the main single of his eighth album Madness, titled as “Like A Drum”. He was, then, announced as the Australian candidate in the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 on 5 March 2015, making him Australia’s first ever contestant at the Eurovision.

Despite of the fame and popularity, Guy Sebastian remained down-to-earth. He is inclined with several charitable projects and is involved in different organizations that help poor families. That’s definitely one of the best things about him that people love – he’s not just a talented singer, but a man with a big heart.

Wishing you the best of luck at the Eurovision 2015, Guy Sebastian!

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