Primary Music Time Activity – Valentine’s

This Sunday, for singing time in Primary, I cooked up a game at the not-so-last minute.  It’s a variation of the good ol’ “Pin the tail on the donkey” game, but I called it “Stick the heart on the chart”. And this is how it went:


–  I picked songs in the song book that are more obviously about love, or has the word “love” in it

–  Prepared a chart (see photo above) which had the page numbers of the chosen songs

–  Cut out several little hearts (about 1.5″ big) from a red card stock

–  Attached sticky tape at the back of the little hearts

The Game:

– I picked a reverent child in class

– He was blindfolded and given a ‘heart’ (with sticky tape behind)

– I led him to the board, help him turn around a few times

– He stuck the heart on the chart

– Wherever the pointed end of the heart pointed, that’s the song we’re singing


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