Big4 Ballarat Holiday Accommodation

For our 4th wedding anniversary, hubby and I decided to go to Ballarat, a lovely city in Regional Victoria. We’ve never been to this city before, but me – the researcher  – learned that this place is rich in history and has so much to offer to tourists. And I loved the idea that we could just hop on and off the bus (didn’t trust my car to travel the distance at the time) to get there.

Because the number one place I wanted to visit in Ballarat was Sovereign Hill, I thought I’d get us accommodations somewhere close to it. That’s when I found Big4 Holiday Accommodations in Clayton Street, which was less than a ten minute walk to Sovereign Hill.  It also had bus stops nearby, so it was good.

Here’s the little house we stayed in…


>So thrilled was I the moment I started inspecting our accommodation! It was so much like a home away from home. The kitchen was just filled with every basic thing you need to prepare a good meal…well, except for the ingredients of course, which you need to provide yourself. 🙂


What I meant was, there was all the cutlery you’d need…

There were pots and pans in the cupboards, electric kettle, toaster, dish washing stuff, bowls, colander, etc. Of course, don’t expect too much and look for a Thermomix. 🙂

Dishes, cups, a teapot, a pitcher, wine glasses, small bowls…they’re all there in the cupboards above the stove.

Comfortable couch in the open living area… and you can also see part of the fridge on the left side…

TV, meals table, wall heater, and I think there was a DVD player, if you brought some DVDs to watch.

The cabin we stayed in had two bedrooms. Blame it on silly, panicking little me, who rushed to book one of the last cabins at the last minute, before carefully checking all the details. (Note to self: next time, plan the holiday several weeks – not a few days – before, so you don’t rush and panic.)

This is the bedroom with the queen-size bed. It has an electric blanket – kept us nice and warm, since it was quite cold when we were there.

There were also lots of space for your clothes, with built in hangers, plus there’s a dresser on the side, and another TV above, if you want to watch something while trying to get to sleep.

This is the other room, which I used as my dressing room and office – nope, I didn’t do some work while there, just had my laptop with me to keep track of our expenses and budget while we’re holidaying. I should have brought my portable modem though… internet wasn’t so good, so I had a hard time checking on Facebook and such…

A little closet for my clothes in this other room.  I didn’t mind the small space, since I could easily put the rest of my clothes on the bunk beds.  Extra blankets and pillows available at the bottom of the closet…yay!

Now, the toilet and shower…

Loved it that there was a hair dryer available. Aside from bath towels that Big4 provided, there were also a small towel, for wiping your hands after washing. A medium-sized towel was also provided, which we used to keep the floor in this room dry.

The shower curtain was made of fabric, not plastic sheet, so if you bring the hems inside the shower stall, you’d wet the bottom of it, but if you let it out of the stall, you end up having a wet floor out there. I was torn as to what I should do… but decided to keep the curtain hems out anyway.

I thought it was so cool that there was a flat iron and ironing board available in this little closet by the shower. There was also some basic cleaning materials provided there, so you can keep the cabin clean.  We never had to iron our clothes though.

So, yay! That’s the end of the tour of our little cabin.  Next stop – Sovereign Hill. 🙂

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