Visiting Teaching – June 2014

Visiting teaching is something that I have not always enjoyed, I confess that. My mum was a hardworking visiting teacher and always dragged me along, being her partner in that calling.

Fortunately, years later, I discovered the creative way of magnifying this blessed calling. Days ago, I admitted to our Relief Society president (who’s my visiting teacher) that I now enjoy it and look forward to making little presents for the sisters assigned to me.

Last month, this is what I gave away to my sisters:

The Quirky Briars_Creative VT 2014_01

Inspired by President Monson’s quote saying, “We are the Lord’s hands here upon the earth, with the mandate to serve and to lift His children.” Hands we are, and a little hand-care set it is!

I told my sisters that because we are the Lord’s hands, we need to care for our hands so that they’re always ready to serve others.  Each pack contained a soap, a small towel, a hand sanitizer, and a copy of the quote.

Being a procrastinator that I am, of course I ended up not having enough time to think how to dress up the soap and towel a lot better, so I left them as they were.  But with the hand sanitizer, ooh! That probably was the most exciting piece in the pack…at least for me. Here’s a better look at it, showing the coordinating sticker I made for each side:

The Quirky Briars_Creative VT 2014_02

I love creative visiting teaching because it’s just a lot more exciting for me. I really get excited preparing these little gifts and I love how thrilled they get the moment I present these to them.  Love, love, love my VT sisters and I’m gonna miss giving little gifts like these to them next month, when I get new sisters on my list.  But I know I’ll always love them and I do look forward to sharing little creative things to a new group of sisters.

Now… what to do, what to do for this month? This is what I least like about this process – that lengthy time when inspiration does not come to me yet and the creative juices aren’t flowing and I just can’t think of how to turn this month’s message into a lovely creative little gift

Thinking…. thinking… thinking….

Perhaps if I’d go sleep, I’d dream of something creative?

Hmmm…. worth a try. 😀

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