Hubby’s Naruto Themed Birthday Celebration

For Hubby’s birthday, I decided to throw him a Naruto themed birthday dinner at home.
For those of you who haven’t heard of Naruto, he’s a rather famous anime character in Japan (and in many parts of the world, actually) and if you Googled him, you’d find a gazillion details of information about him, from his favorite food (ramen noodles) to an extensive list of his friends, enemies, and, oh well, everyone in the Naruto series.
For the Japanese-influenced dinner, I had to research about Japanese foods and recipes. Thankfully, my sister helped me and she prepared the sushi:

Silly, crazy little me…but I still needed a recipe just to make this plate of Tempura. It was super yum when it was a few minutes fresh from the frying pan.

Cupcakes. Not very Japanese, I know…but a birthday’s got to have some cakes!
I decided to prepare a ‘costume’ for him at the last moment…or rather, just the week before his birthday. There was no Naruto costume at the shopping center, and I couldn’t find an eBay seller that could convince me that I’d receive the costume on time if I purchased online. So, I had to make do with this red-orange-ish jumper I found at BigW.
Then with some snack boxes, duct tape, marker pen and a thick yellow paper/board, I made this ‘headdress’ for him, which became a substitute for the traditional party hat. I made a few more of it, but I ran out of time to make one for everybody, so I had to ditch the idea. Only Hubby got the Naruto ‘party hat’.
And here’s the ramen I made!  It did taste good, even though I think I didn’t have some of the minor ingredients.
And here’s my sister’s masterpiece! She had been researching and looking at bento stuff as soon as I told her the plan. She had a lot of fun preparing it.

Australian version of Naruto’s frog – Freddo chocolates! Why not?

The big Naruto fan was very pleased with his birthday dinner.  Bro-in-law got some Naruto episodes for us all to watch after dinner…which was a good way to relax.

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