Visiting Teaching – April 2014

The best thing about April that has to do with creative visiting teaching is that there’s the Holy Week, wherein I’ve got a few days off work. Yeah, let’s put those days into good use and work on stuff for the lovely ladies on my VT list.

I wondered, how can I present this month’s Visiting Teaching message in a creative manner?

A-ha! Enter these cardboard boxes I’ve had in my crafts cupboard for several months…and they look like they can be transformed into little “water wells” kinda thingy…which sort of connects to the ‘woman at the well’ part of the message.


First of all, I used texturing paste to create the ‘stones’ texture on the sides of the ‘well’. I had to work on this days in advance, so there would be enough time to let them dry thoroughly and if necessary, I could apply more texture to them.



Forgive me, I had been too excited that I had forgotten to take more photos of each step of the way. When I finally remembered, I was done with each of the four boxes, so here are the final products:


Of course,when they finish eating all the lollies, they could always turn the boxes into jewelry boxes or a desk decor, or a container for any of their beloved little treasures. As you can see, I tried to paint the ‘stones’ in various colours, so they’d look more realistic. The experience I gained in making my wedding wishing well (in papier mache form) from scratch has helped in this process.


I wanted to have a ‘water’ thingy on top, in the middle. Various ideas and options had crossed my mind before I settled with this – the VT message printed on light blue paper (to resemble water in the well) and I had transparent glue over it, so it would have more of the ‘water’ effect. The beads and resin flower cabochon are just for added cuteness.



To complete it, I decided to print more of the VT message on thick coloured paper and embellish it. Fortunately, I’ve got only 4 sisters on my list, so it’s not hard or costly to pamper them. 🙂


And I just love their reactions upon receiving these…the excitement and delight – just priceless!

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