Baby Shower Basics

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What is a baby shower?
A baby shower is a way to celebrate the upcoming birth of a child by giving presents to the mother at a party. It is termed as “shower” because everybody is giving something to the soon-to-be mom and is therefore “showered” with gifts.

Why throw a baby shower?
It is part of the tradition that baby showers are given to the family’s firstborn only, and only women are invited. Baby showers are held across the globe. They have different names like “sat” in Bangladesh, “cha de bebe” in Brazil, “manyue” in China, and “sismoony party” in Iran. Although they were called differently, they still, have the same purpose and meaning, and that is to show love to the expecting mother by giving gifts.

Who can throw a baby shower?
Traditionally, baby showers are hosted by close friends of the soon-to-be mother or father, and not their relatives. This is to avoid the notion that the couple is asking for gifts or donations themselves from other people (because you fit’s considered impolite based on the tradition).
But since we are living in a modern world today, the best suggestion is to go what you feel is right. Either you or your relative or a best friend should feel perfectly excited about setting up your baby shower.

When should a baby shower happen?
A baby shower can be held any time after confirming that the mother is pregnant. Usually, most mom-to-be’s prefer to hold it during the last trimester of pregnancy. It is said that the party is realistic when the mother has already a big belly during the party.

Scheduling a baby shower also depends on which country you’re living. In Bangladesh, it is observed on the 7th month of pregnancy while Chinese make it happen a month after the birth of the baby.

The most important thing in planning this event is to talk to your guests first. You don’t want them to miss your first baby shower just because they have already a scheduled appointment on that day. So, better consider the availability of the majority or I may say, the most important people you want to see in your baby shower.

Where can you hold a baby shower?
The location should cater the prospective number of guests who will be invited. Ideally, it is held at the mother-to-be’s house. It is quite uncomfortable for a pregnant woman to travel to distant places, so, a home is really a good choice. If it doesn’t fit the number of guests, you may want to hold it a clubhouse in your local community or in the church if permitted. But the best choice is to hold it in your house and just adjust the number of guests depending on how big your house can accommodate.

How to plan a baby shower?
You may first need to consider the following things before finalizing the program:
• Select a theme for your party. This will help you decide other elements of the party. Besides, it makes your party alive and exciting.
• Plan what food or beverages you will serve. This can be made easy if you have a baby shower party theme. Everyone’s going to have fun if you base it on a theme.
• The most awaited part is the games. Games for a baby shower should be funny and not boring. Having crazy games makes your party more fun.
• Prepare a small keepsake for all guests. If you’re on a tight budget, just prepare a thank you card for everyone or prizes to the winners during the games.

Who should be invited?
If you’re the one hosting, you probably already have an idea of who to include in your guest list. You can put anyone you wish to attend in the invitation list. However, if your friend is hosting the party, then you need to collaborate with each other before finalizing the celebration. You, surely, don’t want to miss any important person in your party.

Is there a baby shower for a soon-to-be daddy, too?
Traditionally, baby showers are only for women. But, nowadays, baby shower for men are becoming popular. It is really important, though, to think first if the soon-to-be dad really wants a baby shower. Some will appreciate it but there’re some who would feel awkward.

What gifts to bring during a baby shower?
In giving invitations, you can also put instructions for your guest to bring a gift. Proper gifts would be diapers, newborn clothes and linens or anything that a mother can use for her baby after delivery.


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