Primary Music Time Activity – Australia Day

Happy Australia Day!

This year’s Australia Day was on a Sunday, so as the music leader, I prepared a little Australia Day themed activity for the kids to enjoy while we learned our song for the month.  It was something I thought of and prepared only the day before,

…so the visuals weren’t too awesome. Nevertheless, the kids enjoyed it and that’s what mattered.

The story I made up started with a little girl named Matilda – as in ‘Waltzing Matilda’, so what could be more Aussie than that? 🙂

I told them, Matilda went to celebrate Australia Day by attending a barbecue with friends at the beach in Torquay. She had fun eating sausages on bread, strolling the beach, and playing games.

Soon, it was time to go home. But it turned out that Matilda needed some help in going back home. Oh no! We have to help her or she might get lost and be very very sad! And she was so excited to go home so she could see her mummy and daddy again, have some Vegemite on toast, and play with her pet kangaroo and pet koala bear. (A series of Aussie-ness right there! Lol)

What can we do to help Matilda return home safely?

At this point, I told the children that I have some of the words to the song that we were learning that month. For each line of the song, we had two choices: one was the correct words to the song, while the other was a partly incorrect line of the song.

If they choose the right words to the song, a little envelope attached behind the words contained part of the way/road for Matilda to use on her travel back home.

If they choose the incorrect words, Matilda might get into some sort of trouble… Oh no!

Because there were just a few kids in our Primary class, each was able to have a turn picking the correct words to the song. And because they knew all the correct words to the song, they were able to provide Matilda with a safe way back to her home. Yay!


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