Sage and Chocolate Brown For A Wedding

I have been tasked to organize a bridal shower for a bride-to-be who’s going to have a sage-and-chocolate-brown color scheme for her wedding.

And I am excited!

Let the parade of inspiration begin!

The first item I found on Etsy was this:

Shoe Clips! Made by the talented domesticallyURBAN.

I think this would be lovely as a little present for the bride-to-be, or favors for the bridal shower attendees to enjoy.

Guest book by InvitingMoments! This one’s for the wedding, but then one can make something more suitable for a bridal shower.

Perhaps, as a decor in the party? Or additional props for the photo booth? HarperJanssen’s pillow will surely be useful somewhere there.

A shabby chic bubble burlap wreath would be perfect at the door, welcoming the guests and delighting the bride.

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