Another Tropical Holiday

My leave from work has been approved and I’ll be flying to the tropical islands in a few months! And of course, I’ll be able to spend it with my favorite person in the world – my husband. 😀

In preparation for this holiday, or any holiday at all, lists are always necessary. In fact, I’ve started making my wish list of things to do once I’m there. That includes:

– Celebrate our wedding anniversary with a memorable, exciting date!

– Organize a surprise birthday celebration for hubby

– Go hotel-hopping just to be able to tour different hotels

– Have dinner with classmates from grade school

– Have dinner with classmates from high school

– Go night swimming with friends

– Eat at the organic market/restaurant

– Watch a PBA game live with court-side seats

– Do something nice and selfless, like visiting kids at a public hospital and bring them little presents

– Buy a new backpack and work shoes

– Overnight at a mountain resort

That’s my list, for starters. In a month’s time, that will be easily divided into several lists: “Things to Do”, “Foods to Eat”, “Things to Buy”, “Hotels to Stay at”, “Restaurants to Try”, “People I Must Visit”, “Things to Bring“, and so on.

Do you do that before you go on a holiday too?


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