Holiday Gift Wrapping

We are having a Christmas dinner for 30+ ladies this weekend and I’ve been tasked to decorate the hall!

Oh dear!

A lot of people at the ladies’ organization know that I’m crafty and artistic…. or want to be.

The theme is “Gifts of Christmas”, which refer to Hope, Love, Faith, Gratitude, Peace and Joy… the gifts, that is. My tasks have been listed on the A4 paper and include using my magical powers to provide a Christmas tree for the stage, Nativity scenes, themed centerpiece for each of the six (at least) round tables, and so on. Somebody’s providing the Christmas tree and the nativity scenes, so I’m not worrying about them. That also means, I’ll have the six centerpieces to worry about.

Flowers? Fruits? A flower vase?

Nah… too common. As someone who just got married not a very long time ago and planned her own wedding reception, I know a centerpiece does not have to be a bunch of flowers… and I would like it to be NOT a bunch of flowers. That way, people will think I have an imagination and am artistic. 😀

So, here come’s the research and brainstorming and research again….

I’m thinking of a nice gift-wrapped box with over-the-top bows & baubles on it…

(image source)

Like these maybe?

Hmmm…. I think I want something more over-the-top.. like over-the-over-the-top kind of design (yup, that’s not a typo, I really mean OVER the over-the-top! The most sacrilegious, wicked bows-and-baubles decoration for a gift ever!)

(Dear me, you might think I’m possessed going wild like that… I’m possessed with the Christmas spirit, that’s what. Lol!)

So what’s a girl gotta do?

Went to Lincraft and bought a bunch of ribbons, baubles, beads, and other stuff, ‘coz they’re having a 50%-off sale on most of their Christmas items now.

Gotta get back to work now… will report about the Gifts-of-Christmas deck-the-halls tasks result soon. 🙂

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