Sew Yummy!

And I mean the felt foods!

If you haven’t encountered such yet, go ahead and Google it. You’ll most likely be hooked like me.

And so… the craftiness in me simply cannot resist it and off I went trying my hand at it. The first thing I made was a donut, with chocolate syrup or glaze or whatever you call it on it, and some white sprinkles (beads).

My sister was tricked. My nephew was tricked. My sister’s hubby was tricked. And I laughed.

But donuts are tricky and… I don’t know… tiring? boring? to make… for me, that is.

And off I went to the next project. This one got me really hooked. Here are some photos, fresh from the oven… mmmmmm!

(And yeah, these were taken last night, while the glue was still wet and white. When I woke up this morning, the glue was dry and colorless and gave the cookies’ tops a glaze-y look. Loverly!)

My sister took these on a paper plate, went to the living area of the house, and said, “Who wants cookies?”

The kiddos were excited and gathered round her immediately, eager to grab a bite of the yummy goodies. Then the eight-year-old kid quickly grabbed one and, upon realizing it was not a real cookie, let out an “Uhhh!”, a disappointed sigh. Poor kid!

When I was quite happy with the quantity of cookies I’ve “baked”, I decided to try sushi…which also turned out to be quite cute.

So, yeah, once again, if you are in Melbourne, especially in the southeast area this coming Saturday, come and check out my little stall at the Bumble Bees Baby and Children’s Market in Pakenham, 9am-1pm. The venue will be at the school right behind Heritage Springs Shopping Centre. See yah!


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