A Lucky Find

The other day, my sister asked me to go with her to pick up some stuff she bought from eBay. One of them was a nice cupboard that she didn’t really need, but thought it might be useful (plus the very good bargain she couldn’t resist!)

When she got out of the seller’s yard, I saw her carrying this:


“Oh! Why didn’t I see that on eBay?” I exclaimed. For some weeks, I had been casually hunting for a small bookshelf or table that I can use for my stuff, as well as something that can carry some of the heavier items that need to be on some kind of table, and not on the bed. Most of the stuff I found were either too expensive ($20+… what a miser I am!), or too huge for the car to carry, or located too far away for me to pick up.

She then told me that if I wanted it, I can have it, because she didn’t really need it. She was just after the nice bargain, and something to add to the other stuff she bought from the same seller.


Of course, I was delighted! When we got home, I carried this cute cupboard to the bedroom and started arranging my stuff on it. It now carries the sewing machine on the top, sewing tools and materials on the second level, and books and photo albums on the bottom part.


And of course, I refunded her the amount she paid the seller for it… and laughing while doing so. The price of this beautiful cupboard?

One Australian dollar!!!


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