Alternative Wedding Guest Book Ideas

At the wedding reception, very often, there would be a book being passed around the guests. Guests sign in and write a short message for the newly weds. This is, of course, the wedding guest book.

While there is still the simple and very typical wedding guest book, there is also the trend of a large portrait of the couple, where there are margins large enough for guests to sign and write their well wishes on. This may be a nice variation to the ultra-simple guest book, but then again, what is fun?

A guest book can be a wonderful source of memories of your wedding day and those who came to celebrate with you. Because of this, it is never foolish to be a lot more creative with your “guest book” to make it as memorable for you as it can be.

If you surf the web, you can find some alternative and creative ways to ask your guests to mark their presence at your wedding celebration. Here are some of creative ideas:

Fingerprint Tree Guest Book

from BlueOliveDesignTX at etsy

from Sweetcarolinadesign at etsy

Luxury Poster-Type Guest Book

from Ilovedesign2010 at etsy

Guest Book Puzzles

from mgcpuzzles

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