Wedding Fundraising Ideas

You’ve seen dozens of brides, looking so gorgeous in their wedding gowns, and have maybe thought of your turn. You’ve seen the lovely invitation cards and have probably imagined what color you would want for your own. You’ve also seen the beautifully wrapped presents and have probably wondered if you’re gonna receive as much when you wed too.

But when your man has proposed and you start writing down all the things you need to prepare for your wedding, you suddenly realize it’s not all dream and magic. It’s a big, expensive affair! You wake up and see the price tag of a real bridal gown and it’s somewhere around a thousand dollars. If your parents are not paying for your wedding and leaving that financial concern to you and your fiance, where are you going to get that humongous amount of money, especially if you don’t want to get a bank loan?

Don’t worry. There are lots of ways to earn money and, from the list below, you will surely get some ideas you’d want to try to come up with your wedding fund and have a nice wedding of your dreams. Here is the list of sensible and crazy ideas, which can yield either big bucks or few cents, but either way, still help increase your wedding funds.

Get employed.
If you were jobless at engagement, getting a regular job with a fixed salary to receive every two or four weeks would be a big help. If all goes well and you stay employed at least until the wedding, then you can already plan your budget based on your estimated net receivable.

Get a second part-time job.
If you think your income from your first job may not be enough, then a second part time job will help. Depending on your qualifications, your part time job can be anywhere from teaching a few units at the university, being a call center agent, teaching at a music school, waiting at a restaurant, or working as a party DJ.

Hold a garage sale.
Get some of your friends and family to pitch in items they no longer want. Just make sure to let the community know by posting signs in various streets before the sale day. Aside from earning extra cash, this will also help you get rid of your own clutter too.

Get crafty and sell your goods.
Many people nowadays create nice things and sell them on Etsy. Some even post pictures of their goods on Facebook and invite their friends to place orders.

Sign up as cosmetics dealer.
Companies such as Avon, Mary Kay, etc. would love to have another representative to sell their products for them. You can sell whenever you want, earn some commission, get items for yourself at a cheaper dealer price, and may even get a few product samples that you can even use on your wedding day (such as lipstick or perfume samples).

Organize a bake sale.
If it has been popular and effective among fundraisers of women’s organizations, churches and charities, it can work for your wedding fund too. Your lady attendants can even help you out with this.

Organize a car wash.
If your bridesmaids are game, they can help you out with this. Even your groom and his men can help out too.

Put some cash on term deposit.
This will work best if you still have about a year or so before your wedding. Some banks have terms as short as 6 months. This can earn you more cash than the usual interest rate of the bank, and best of all, your money earns even while you sleep.

Babysit for a fee.
Remember the Baby-Sitters’ Club? In the 1990’s, this was one of the popular book series. Together with your bridesmaids, you can organize your own club too, be the neighborhood’s babysitters and earn the bucks for your wedding.

Take advantage of any skills you have.
If you are skilled in hair cutting, for example, you can cut your friends’ hair every time they want to, for a fee a little lesser than the usual amount charged by professional hair cutters. By going to you, they help you and at the same time, they also save by paying a cheaper amount.

Pick up those coins.
You’ve walked down the street and seen a penny lying on the sidewalk a number of times, but too busy or too shy to pick it up. Now is the time to start picking them up. If nobody’s around and it seems impossible to trace the owner of that stray coin, exercise your body by stretching down to reach the coin and put it in your coin jar. A few of those may save you the cost of one extra invitation card, stamp or favor.

Take advantage of the holidays.
You can do something as big as catering someone’s Christmas party or simple as accepting orders for fruitcakes, cheesecakes, or Christmas favors. A month before the Christmas trees start appearing, you can also make nice handmade trinkets that can be placed on the trees. Sell them to your friends, neighbors, and even online.

Work for university students.
Busy students especially can have a number of things for you to do for a cost. It can be typing a school paper, doing some big research for a thesis, helping with a project, type resumes and so on.

Collect cans and help the earth too.
A number of real couples have done this task. They have gone around collecting cans and sold them to recycling companies for some money. Aside from doing it themselves, they have also advertised their contact details online so even strangers, who are in the vicinity, who have lots of soda cans and are willing to help can ring them to pick up their cans and add to their collection.

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