Fairytale Themed Wishing Well

Renting a wishing well for your wedding reception is not a very big expense, compared to the amount you’ll have to set aside for the catering or your wedding rings. However, if you are on a tight budget and willing to get crafty, you can wave your magic wand and turn that amount into just a few bucks.

Here’s how you can make your own fairytale themed wishing well for under $20:

1. Get a lightweight wire basket and use it as the base or frame. This should be about $4. Cover it with old newspapers .

2. Crumple several newspapers, making sure that one side resemble a stone-like surface: not too rough, but not so smooth either… and certainly not full of cracks.

3. Glue the newspaper ‘stones’ to the base, using hot glue. This will make the work faster than if you use white glue.

4. Glue ‘stones’ all around. Leave a bit of space at the top part, so you can still fit your lid on.

5. It helps if you save all those cardboard from snack boxes, cereal boxes and boxed meals. You can recycle them here to make the top cover/lid, with a little slit, where the cards can be dropped in.

6. Start painting the project. From the clearance store, you can get 4 tubes of paint (basic red, yellow, blue and white colors) at $2 each, although you will have plenty of leftovers, so you wouldn’t feel like the whole $8 has been spent on this project only. Mix your basic colors to come up with stone-like shades. Have more than one shade/mixture, as all stones do not have the same color. You can have gray, light gray, darker gray, reddish-gray, brownish-gray, etc.

7. You can use toilet paper to fill the gap between the ‘stones’, acting like a ‘grout’. Paint the grout with a lighter (or darker) color compared to the ‘stones’. Let dry.

(Hint: If you had a toilet paper wedding dress game in your bridal shower, you can save the toilet paper from there and use them here.)

8. When the surfaces have dried, paint the whole thing with white glue mixed with some water. This makes the surface a bit shiny.

There’s the lid!

9. When everything has dried up, add embellishments, such as flowers, leaves, glitters, ribbons, etc. You can use the leftovers from your other wedding projects, such us bouquets, invitations, and other bridal accessories you’ve crafted.


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