Cute Usher Tags

Here’s another simple project that you can do for your wedding:

It’s not really a bridezilla-ish project. It’s just another little nice treat to make your big day a little more fun and special. Besides, if you are one of the ushers, wouldn’t you love it that the bride cared enough to take an extra mile to prepare something like this for you, so you’ll look extra special at the wedding?

Here’s how you can do it:

1. Depending on how many ushers you want to have, layout that number of the word “USHER” on MS Word. Experiment with the types and sizes of the font, to see which one you prefer. You might want to print a sample page first on plain paper, before finally printing on your chosen special paper. The paper this bride used is just plain colored A4 paper.

2. Cut up the words evenly. Glue a smaller size of felt behind each, to make them more 3D-ish.

3. Glue them again to a larger size special paper. Set aside.

4. Tie together a small bunch of small artificial flowers, using one of the wire stems of the flowers. Then, tie a nice ribbon around the bunch.

5. Glue the flower bunch to the back of the tag, using the glue gun and glue stick combination. Let dry.

6. Lastly, glue a safety pin at the back at a nice and comfortable angle.

That’s it, and now your usher tag is ready to be pinned on your usher’s blouse/shirt. It’s a project that’s very easy to do, yet can make your ushers feel special and recognized at your wedding.

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