Wedding Planning Checklist

ONE of the first and most important things to do in wedding planning, or any event planning at all, is making the checklist. This is absolutely essential if you want to have things well organized and not forget important details of your big event. It helps you be aware of what needs to be done first, last, and in the right time, and saves you from panic and stress. Imagine how it would feel to have sent out all the invitations to the guests, only to realize that you have forgotten to book the venue early enough and found out that the venue is no longer available.

Well, so much for stressing your imagination. Let’s begin your wedding checklist.

As soon as you get engaged…
~ Announce your engagement to your family and friends.
~ Have your engagement announced on the newspaper, related magazines or the web.
~ Make a wedding website.
~ Get an organizer to keep track of appointments.

Nine to Twelve Months before the wedding…
~ Choose a wedding date and time.
~ Select & book venue for the wedding and reception.
~ Select & book officiant.
~ Start making a guest list.
~ Talk with your fiance (and both your parents) about the wedding budget.
~ Make a record keeping system for payments.
~ Select a wedding theme.
~ Determine the wedding style and its degree of formality.
~ Start a wedding scrapbook.
~ Start looking for a caterer, if not provided by the reception facility.
~ Start looking for a florist, photographer, and videographer.
~ Select musicians/DJ/band and other reception entertainment.
~ Hire a wedding planner.
~ Decide about your bridal party.
~ Start planning your bridal attire and researching for attendants’ attires.
~ Create a bridal registry.
~ Start preparing necessary documents (birth certificates, passport, visa, etc.) for marriage license application and honeymoon, if going overseas.
~ Register for wedding gifts.

Six to Nine Months before the wedding…
~ Review guest list
~ Select wedding attendants.
~ Inform attendants of their responsibilities.
~ Order wedding gown & accessories, groom’s attire, and attendants’ attires.
~ Order the wedding cake.
~ Decide on honeymoon arrangements.
~ Decide on wedding transportation.
~ Start a health/weight loss program.

Four to Six Months before the wedding…
~ Finalize guest list.
~ Start looking for wedding bands.
~ Order invitations and stationery.
~ Order wedding favors and gifts.
~ Send out Save-the-Date cards.
~ Decide where to reside after the wedding.
~ Design the layout of wedding program.
~ Plan itinerary for out-of-town guests.

Two to Four Months before the wedding…
~ Buy wedding bands.
~ Meet with caterer to discuss menu and other details.
~ Meet with officiant to discuss date and time of wedding rehearsal.
~ Shop for wedding guest book.
~ Finalize arrangements with florist, photographer, videographer and musicians.
~ Plan the rehearsal dinner and bridesmaids’ luncheon.
~ Apply for a marriage license.
~ Start planning for the program for the ceremony.
~ Confirm wedding cake details.
~ Look for hairstylist and make-up artist.
~ Take dance lessons.

Six to Eight Weeks before the wedding…
~ Address wedding invitations.
~ Plan the seating arrangement for the reception.
~ Make the reception program.
~ Decide on final wording of your wedding vows.
~ Select the music for the ceremony and reception, including the traditional dances.
~ Provide the band/DJ/musicians copy of the music selection.
~ Schedule final fitting for the wedding gown and attendants’ attires.
~ Follow-up on the wedding bands.
~ Purchase all other wedding accessories, such as candles, goblets, garter, etc.
~ Buy a gift for the groom/bride.
~ Send out wedding invitations.

Four Weeks before the wedding…
~ Prepare an itinerary for the wedding day and provide the wedding party with copies.
~ Prepare papers necessary for your changing of name.
~ Have your formal wedding portrait taken.

Two Weeks before the wedding…
~ Confirm your guests’ accommodations.
~ Check all wedding clothing and accessories.

One Week before the wedding…
~ Pack for your honeymoon.
~ Pack an emergency kit with important things for any emergencies during the wedding and reception.
~ Make sure that your bridal attire is ready, clean, well-fit and pressed.
~ Finalize seat arrangement.
~ Discuss the seat arrangement with the ushers.
~ Discuss final details with the photographer and videographer.
~ Give the final headcount to the caterer.
~ Finalize rehearsal dinner and bridesmaids’ luncheon.

One Day before…
~ Get a manicure, pedicure and massage.
~ Set aside everything you need for the wedding & reception.
~ Attend rehearsal dinner.
~ Give gifts to each other, and to attendants.
~ Sleep early.

On Your Wedding Day…
~ Eat breakfast.
~ Reserve plenty of time for dressing up so you don’t have to rush.
~ Always be ready to smile.
~ Don’t forget to say “I love you” to the person you are marrying.
~ Enjoy!

So, there goes your wedding checklist. Feel free to add or alter some as you feel necessary. Just don’t forget to review your wedding checklist every month in the early part, and every week, in the later part, so you’ll be reminded of every essential thing you need to be done to make your wedding day memorable and stress-free.

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