Recycling The Pantyhose

Some years ago, I was involved in a theater play with very limited budget. Naturally, we had to be resourceful and creative, especially when it came to creating the costumes. For some of the costumes, we decided to make use of fabric scraps and old stockings. That got me contacting a friend who was working at a government office and wore pantyhose every day, if she had lots of worn out stockings lying around waiting to be disposed. She had a big bag of it, so it made us quite happy.

Looking back, I can’t help but wonder why she just had them all stored in a bag. Maybe, she thought she couldn’t use them anymore. For wearing to work, I’d say yes perhaps, but for a hundred and one other purposes, I’d say definitely no. In fact, the pantyhose could possibly be one of the most useful item to recycle. But how?

For cleaning.

You can use pantyhose as a cleaning cloth in so many ways: cleaning the bathtub, shower, car, mirrors, lint from the dryer, kitchen counter tops, appliances, windows, car lights, dishes, shades, telephone, musical instruments, computer screens, floor, and even your hands. Pantyhose is soft won’t scratch surfaces, dry easily, does not hold on to harmful germs, and does not leave lint.

For food and cooking.

Absurd but it makes sense. A clean pantyhose can be used to store various fruits and vegetables, such as grapefruit, nectarines, lettuce, garlic, onions, potatoes, apples, dry herbs, lemons, etc. It can also be used as a strainer when making fruit juices, curds when making cheese, and soy when making soy milk. Guests might raise an eyebrow, but putting ice cubes in a pantyhose can keep them from escaping the pitcher and moving on to the cups when serving ice cold beverages.

For gardening.

You can use pantyhose to tie anything that needs to be tied: young plants and vines to a stake, the garden hose, a grafted plant, etc. It is also good for hanging stuff such as hanging plants, lanterns, bird/animal feeders, and other ornaments in the backyard. It can also be used to store seeds, cover the drains to keep the leaves out, cover fruits of the plants, and many others.

For storage.

The list for this one goes forever: tennis balls, golf balls, baseballs, buttons, toys, markers, lipsticks, game pieces, puzzle pieces, hair accessories, spare change, plastic bags, batteries, jewelry, yarn, beads, and so on. Just look around you and if you see anything you can fit in a pantyhose, you can store it in.

For fashion and beauty.

The very first purpose I mentioned belong to this category: the theater play costumes. Aside from that, you can use pantyhose as a sash or belt, a sweat band, a bra stuffer, a scarf, leg warmers, and even hair net for holding the curlers or under a wig. Instead of cotton, tissue, or foam, try the pantyhose for applying makeup, perfume and some lotions, as well as for removing makeup and nail polish.

For creative projects.

Use old pantyhose to stuff pillows and toys, make Christmas ornaments, create potpourri sachets, tie balloons, mark your luggage, tie around flowers, dye Easter eggs, make goody bags, decorate your craft projects, and many more.

Now, I suppose, this will make you think twice before throwing that old ratty pantyhose into the bin.


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