Choosing Your Bridesmaids


Weddings are exciting for the marrying couple’s closest female family members and friends. Why? Because it may be possible for them to get the honor of being named as a wedding attendant, or specifically, a bridesmaid, thus helping out with all the wedding organizing chores and looking drop-dead gorgeous at the main event.

For first-time brides, (which most women are), it is natural to be all excited to share your important day with your closest family and friends. It is also normal to be somehow overwhelmed and imagine of asking all your best girl friends to be your bridesmaids. But when reality bites, you will have to weigh your priorities and sift things… even your prospective bridesmaids.

So how should you choose your bridesmaids anyway? Is there any rule or etiquette to follow regarding this matter?

Though such should really be a choice of your own heart and mind, it wouldn’t hurt to know how other real brides chose their female entourage.

Kristin M.
“I have five sisters and preferred to have a small ceremony. I opted to ask one of my sisters, who was engaged and never had the chance to be a wedding attendant before, to be my maid of honor.”

Becki R.
“It was a challenge to choose for me, so I went with some of my best friends, all six of them! Two were my sisters, one was a pre-school friend, two were friends from high school, and one was a college friend. I think it’s great that we’re all so close to each other.”

Michelle M.
“Thankfully, it was quite easy for me. My maid of honor was a best friend of mine since we were six and two other girls who were really good friends of mine were my bridesmaids. They are the only ones I would want standing by my side when I marry my man.”

Teresa G.
“My sister was my maid of honor. My three bridesmaids were my closest friends.”

Dew S.
“My MOH is my best friend of fifteen years. I wanted to have my two sisters as part of my bridal party, but the older one is married with lots of kids, so she chose not to be an attendant. My younger sister is eighteen and she’s quite okay, so she’s my bridesmaid. The other bridesmaid is my cousin who’s also a classmate in high school.”

Kendra L.
“I don’t have sisters, so I asked a couple of cousins and my brothers’ wives. I also asked my groom’s sisters to be my bridesmaids.”

Arianne P.
“My two older sisters couldn’t be my MOHs because they have quite a handful of young kids to ran after. So I got my groom’s only sister to be my MOH, because she has never been a bridesmaid. I also got a couple of best friends since preschool to be my bridesmaids.”

Kylie E.
“My best friend is a gay guy whom I have known for more than twelve years. He is my man of honor, as he’s been with me through thick and thin. I didn’t have bridesmaids.”

Rose K.
“I picked my two best friends to be my maid and matron of honor. I also got my childhood friend and cousin to be my bridesmaids.”

Yes indeed, it is your own preference. Your bridesmaids can be your sisters, cousins, best friends, or even your mom. The most important thing is that it should be someone dear to you, someone that you can really count on, and someone to whom you’re not afraid to be yourself. But then again, it is your own preference.

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