Simple Beaded Boutonnière

This boutonniere very suited for weddings with blue, white, or silver (or a combination) on the color scheme.

This project is very easy to make. You will be needing the following materials and tools:

Colorless crystal beads
Large aqua round crystal beads
A white flower
Baby blue ribbon
Needle and thread, or glue

Cut wire into approximately 3 inches long. Put one small bead near one end and twist the end part of the wire. This shall act as a stopper. Add the large bead, followed by about 20 more small beads. Twist the part of the wire, just after the last bead, to make the beads stay in place. It shall look like this:

Tie the beaded wires together with the stem of the single flower. Wrap the entire stem part with the ribbon. Sew or glue the end part of the ribbon to close it. Arrange the beaded wires so that they spread out the way you want it.

And you’re done! The beautiful project you did yourself is now ready for your wedding day, to be pinned on the lapel of your groom’s coat.

Of course, you can also change the colors to those of your scheme, if different from the scheme we used here.


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