Table Numbers For A Fairytale Wedding

For a more organized wedding reception, where you prefer some kind of order and formality, labeling your tables would be a very good idea. In this reception, you can either assign your guests specific seats or just tables, and they can choose which seat to take.

In choosing the labels for your guest tables, you also have many options. There’s the basic idea of numbering them from one to twenty, or you can name the tables instead of numbering them. Your table names may depend on your theme. It may be name of cities you’ve been to, street names, flower names, etc.

If your chosen names for your tables are not very well known to your guests, it may be wise to assign a number to each name too. This would help just in case your guests might have difficulty pronouncing your chosen table names.

For instance, your wedding theme is fairytale, your colors are shades of blue and silver, and you prefer a mildly three-dimensional label. Here is what your table labels might look like:

Lovely, aren’t they? This project is very easy to do. Here is how you can make it for your wedding too:

1. On Microsoft Word, layout the numbers such that each would fit into one fourth of an A4 paper. Choose a suitable font, according to your taste. Position the numbers on the slightly on the upper part, so that there would be room at the bottom for the names later. Print the numbers on a nice specialty board. Cut them separately and trim the sides, taking off about 1-2 centimeters.

2. Cut up some silver doilies. (You can buy these from the party supply section of some stores.) Trim the small flower-shaped designs and cut up each flower into four pieces.

3. Glue one 1/4 flower piece to each of the upper corners of the card.

4. Glue each card to a plain colored card, which had also been cut into 1/4 of an A4-sized paper. Using special craft scissors, trim the edge of the colored card for a nice lacy look.

5. Get some A4-sized blue parchment papers and also cut each of them into four parts. Neatly glue this behind the trimmed colored card. See to it that the number card is centered on the parchment paper.

6. Cut a smaller parchment paper, about 3.5cm high, and neatly glue it in front of your project, at the bottom part.

7. Glue a thin satin ribbon on the upper edge of the parchment, so it covers the part where the parchment meets the white board.

8. Meanwhile, print out the names you have chosen on smaller strips of board. Cut them up. Behind each strip, attach a smaller piece of thick material, such as a thicker cardboard. This will allow the name to “float” in front of the parchment, when you stick it on.

9. Finally, glue the name over the parchment. Now you have your beautiful handcrafted table labels in a fairytale theme. You may opt to add other embellishments as you wish. You may then place this on a card holder or a picture frame (without the glass) and display them on the guest tables at your wedding reception.


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